wowww i was just reading my old xanga entries (well, some of them) … and they brought back a lot of old memories and emotions (yes, i DO have some emotions =P)
     actually, not all of the memories were that old, but reading what i had to say about everything brought back the feelings that came with the actual events…
am i even making sense?

i guess its just… when i try to dig into my head, into the memories i’ve got still lying around somewhere in there, i can’t remember clearly or specifically… i only have vague images. which is sad, cuz some of the things i’ve experienced.. i told myself that i’d never forget those moments…but they fade, and i dont’ remember how i felt at those times =
when i read what i’ve written though, those moments come back to me, and i feel once again what i felt back then…

so…bottom line? i guess i’m just warning u that my important entries from now on (about the things i need to remember) will be quite long. either that or privated.


8 thoughts on “

  1. smyoGodlubsu

    haha..i get it! I do the same thing…it’s so cool though that we can have these to help us remember. heyy..i like this song! 😀 i look foward to reading your entries! 😀


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