haha that post below was kinda…boring =(

but someone remind me to write another “goodbye” post right before i leave!! (well not right before…maybe like a day or two…or a week..seeing as i’ll prob be rushing to buy college stuff the day before we drive up…25th, “jsyk” )
cuz…so much has happened over the summer…new ppl, new memories, and all that good stuff ^^

and yesterday was a bit busy…but reaaaal funnnnn =)

o yah.
JADON LAVIK concert at fbcc this saturday at 7pm. FREE CONCERT. who’s going?? =)
tell someone if u wanna go (me or other fbcc-ers would work)!!!
as the church bulletin said today:
“Jadon is a well known Christian artist whose music is played on Christian radio. He is well known for his song ‘What if?’…etc”
and if u wanna kno more about him…google him

ok i think that’s it for now. i’ll edit if i find other stuff…


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