ok i will do the same thing as other ppl =P

in case you haven’t heard…there is ice skating at 2pm on saturday at the ice skating place!!!
everyone is welcome to and should come…its more fun skating around people you know…and not just a bunch of strangers =)… tho u don’t feel as bad when u run into strangers and make them fall…but that’s just me…
oh… and u needa pay, of course
(either normal or group, depending on how many ppl show up)

…wow that was a short entry.

ooh to make it longer:
happy belated bdays to nat cheng/nat1 (7/29) and steff/steph koh/koh2/littlekoh (7/31)
and happy bday to yvn today!!!
…i think that covers the bdays from this wk…


7 thoughts on “

  1. kohkoh

    haha nice.. “at the ice skating place”? it has a name, but i don’t know it either. =P sugar land sports center? dunno. and thanks for not calling me little koh. =)


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