so i was just thinking about thursday night’s message from camp..about our iniquities and forgiveness…in my case, they kinda go together..i thought it was really cool when he moved on to forgiveness, cuz i was just thinking about that as one of my “iniquities”.

in any case, i think judgment is a fault i have… when ppl say something or maybe even just walk past, i find myself judging them. whether i know them or not. i think about the things they’ve done in the past, what they just said, what they seem like they would do… silly things like that. and mostly i have criticisms. which turn into resentment at times. and its unfair of me to do that.

for friday’s devotion time, we were to pray for anything that came into mind, and so i prayed about my thoughts.

     i received an answer this morning (well, afternoon, to be more exact…i woke up at 12something). i don’t remember what i was doing (i have a reallllly bad memory), but i had a sudden thought that whatever people do has nothing to do with me. if they do something i dislike, it’s their problem. it affects their relationship with God, not mine. and my relationship with them..well, most of the time, i really dont’ have anything to do with them. so why do i take time to resent them or criticize them? especially when that time could be spent on more useful thoughts or more productive actions…
     then came the thought that God is just. He alone knows everything, what people think, why people think that way, the reasons people act as they do. i don’t know why people do the things they do, if they’re truly sincere when they say they regret it. i may think they’re lying, but i don’t know that, because i can’t see into their hearts. but God can. and that’s why He’s the only one who should be allowed to judge people. and if He can forgive me for everything i’ve done, if He forgives the people i resent or judge… who am i to think badly of them?
and life’s too short, too sudden, for me to not forgive others. Jesus is our example, and the worst anyone will ever do to me is nothing compared to what they did to Him.
     besides, as Saleim (our camp speaker who was VERY passionate about everything he was great ) said, “unforgiveness is the devil’s anger; it will eat you alive from inside out” and “not forgiving others and expecting them to suffer is like drinking a glass of poison and expecting the other person to die”. because if i hold it in, i’m the one living with it, the one dwelling on the bad things. why not just let it go and enjoy whatever time God has given me and use it on what He has called me to do?
     and Matthew 18:34-35 is a scary thought… look it up.

haha i just realized that i didn’t quite talk about what Saleim said about our iniquities…but that part was really powerful as well, so i’ll just write about that another time. i think i can write TONS about the messages from camp…sorry for the length =

The whole earth
Is filled with Your glory Lord
Angels and men adore
Creation longs for what’s in store
May You be honored and glorified
Exalted and lifted high
Here at Your feet I lay my life

In my heart, in my heart, there’s a fire burning
A passion deep within my soul
Not slowing down, not growing cold
An unquenchable flame
That keeps burning brighter
A love that’s blazing like the sun
For who You are and what You’ve done

And as the fire is raging on
So your praise becomes my song

The whole earth…etc

From the ends of the earth
To the heights of Heaven
Your glory Lord is far and wide
Through history You reign on high
From the depths of the sea
To the mountain’s summit
Your power Lord it knows no bounds
A higher law cannot be found

So let the universe proclaim
Your great power and Your great name

The whole earth…etc

The whole earth is filled with Your glory Lord
Mountains bow and oceans roar
Creation longs for what’s in store…etc

-“Filled With Your Glory” (Starfield)


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