things i learned from orientation:

UT is very..big
there are a lot of ppl at UT
i think it’s a little too liberal for me (but i can always just try to hang out w/ the more conservative ppl ^^)
random roommates was weird — so good luck to those who do have a random person for the year
jester isn’t that bad…
there are more than one “community bath”s per floor per gender (whew)
i will walk a lot next year (good exercise!)
i will get lost a lot next year =(
picking ur own schedule is frustrating (esp when ur looking up classes for like 5 hrs.. until the center closes and ur kinda kicked out)
bio is gonna kill me yet again… according to pickaprof, the teacher/class i have is “the hardest class i’ll ever take at UT”
many ppl are from houston
things are not cheap, and i spend too much. i need to control myself =
my name is “yan”
i am not old enough to get high assurance by myself. i need parents’ signature -_-
business school ppl have a lot of their own things.. like their own networks and emails and whatnot
mccombs is a good shortcut if u wanna go to FAC from jester or vice versa

and finally…
i always miss out on the free stuff 

o yah. yesterday i went to see potc2 and fell asleep halfway. luckily, someone finally woke me up, so i got to see the more exciting parts. i still insist that i didn’t miss out on much.

o yah (part 2). fb is not very interesting. and their search is weird. i can’t find myself half the time. and i don’t confirm ppl. =)


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  1. Anonymous

    omg potc2 was awesome!!! (but really freaking long)lots of luck at UT, yan!!! i’ll miss you!hm..i can’t seem to find your fb either =P


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