hmm everyone’s updating about mexico right now
but i feel i owe it to china to kinda summarize it first
cuz i don’t think i’ll ever have a chance to write as much as i wanted to originally (u kno, when i started out w/ like a research paper all about the first day?)

so china opened my eyes. we weren’t really allowed to share the gospel, or share about God to the kids we taught, but we were allowed to show them love. or at least that’s what we were supposed to do. teach them phonics and in this manner, show them God’s love for all of us.
instead, i think we all learned from the kids. to be generous, to be kind, to be friendly, to be grateful, polite, well-mannered, great all-around people.
they shared all they had with everyone around them. there were no separations between those in different grades, those of different genders, those of different ages.
they pretty much have nothing compared to us. and yet they stand up for one tiny sticker and say “thank you” so gratefully while we complain that we didn’t get the specific present we wanted for christmas. they give without second thoughts to us foreigners, just so we can remember them.
i was so grateful that, on that first day, they recognized me. they answered that they were in my class even as i stared cluelessly at them and asked… “who’s your english teacher?”; and they patiently endured my lack of memory as i asked for their english names time and time again.
they asked for our phone numbers, our addresses, if we’d come back some day, if we could stay and never leave.
and they cried when we left, even though we were their teachers, though we had only known them for 3 weeks.
that’s how close teachers are to their students. more friends and leaders who guide the younger ones than the strangers we have here. 
we exercised with them, taught them, learned from them, ate with them, played with them, talked with them, loved them. and they are the best kids i’ve ever known.

maybe their hygeine leaves a little to be desired, but who can blame them? they only get to shower once every two weeks.

so though the food was a bit different, the toilets and showers took some time to get used to, the weather and lack of a/c made days a little more tiring… through it all, i thank God for giving me this awesome opportunity to experience His presence. i thank Him for letting me experience the kids’ love. i thank Him for everything He’s given me.

…and that’s just the beginning of my summer


11 thoughts on “

  1. watermelon_grl

    YAAAAAAAAAAAN!! you stalker you. ^^ i didnt kno you liked bball that much. china sounds cool. but a shower every 2 weeks??!?! thats worse than roger and he already attracted flies!! but i guess it doesnt matter in God’s eyes :]  and i’ll take those textbooks!! the pre cal and world hist ap! πŸ˜› i’ll need em next yr ^^ good luck in college 0.0

  2. smyoGodlubsu

    i had a sn, but i’m changing in…but my internet upstairs isnt’ working, so I can’t do it yet. πŸ˜› i’ll let u know tho! and yayyy!!! u posted! πŸ˜€ haha….lil bug girl! πŸ˜› have fun tomorrow! be safe! πŸ˜€

  3. mmm_kohkoh

    AHAHAH!! (in response to Ashley’s comment) finally, a china summary that i can actually understand and follow. Your last one seemed rather confusing and LLLOOOOOONNNGGG….see you at UT orientation. haha, u’ve prolly already left Austin by the time u get this comment.

  4. kohkoh

    i wanted to go to china… there’s nothing i love more than CHINESE people. i don’t really like china… but hey, cheap and fake things are always nice.

  5. cindieee717

    lol yes, you’re observant. you’re a STALKER!! hehe jk. thanks for your bday wishes, calls, and the presents! oh..and i found out that i can’t on thurs…forgot i have a afternoon shift that


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