ok. here’s a short summary of mexico.
the tip of the iceberg.
the superficials =)

1. insects and bugs galore. we all got eaten alive by the friendly mosquitos and quickly learned that crickets and huge beetles/roaches and moths were just integral parts of life in matamoros
2. i got 2 toys during lunch stops to and from mexico  and a glass coke bottle (thx to mr. yang) and a really cheap tiny hat souvenir thingy
3. lots of bonding time
4. um… i think that’s all the superficials

oh yeah. now its kinda confusing for me cuz i think of both mex and china (not much time between the two trips) and i can’t really completely concentrate on either, which doesn’t seem like such a good thing. i think next time i’ll make sure there’s enough time to… digest… everything i’ve been through before moving on to a new experience. not that it’s been bad. both were really great experiences. i just think its better if there’s time to contemplate about what i’ve been through, instead of jumping from trip to trip and just living in those moments. i need to think about how my “regular” life has been/will be affected by each of those trips, both separately and together.
um. if it doesn’t make sense.. sorry, but i don’t quite know how to explain it.

longer post (not definite though) another time.. or maybe i’ll just type up everything for my own memories.


10 thoughts on “

  1. kohkoh

    today is the anniversary of the london bombings that occured last year.
    i heard you snore! HAHAHA! and that my sis needs ear plugs. oh you’ll be a fun roomate! 🙂

  2. mmm_kohkoh

    I like ur extremely short post. as for me, i don’t know where to start. steff’s comment up there is so random. wut a BIMBO (haha, the name of the bread)

  3. ncswim881

    sounds fun…I sent you my new cell number on aim but I dunno if you got it. If you didn’t, then tell me so that I can send it to you again. Have an awesome summer! =)

  4. tefene

    your mexico entry is so short compared your china one! which btw i still need to finish reading one of these days =P ANDD i think i learned the words to TRACK 3..so i’ll serenade you sometime soon!

  5. smyoGodlubsu

    kehe…everybody says ur post is short. meh…short and sweet! 😀 i’m glad u got the opportunity to go on 22222 mission trips!!! and i’m glad i got to go with u to mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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