alright. let’s do this while i’m still awake and while its quite quiet and peaceful out there..

first things first. i got back home in sl at like 12something or 1 am (don’t remember)… haven’t slept cuz..i’m not sleepy. sheesh. i always have a problem with jetlag…
but yes, i think i’ve missed out on quite a lot while i was gone. anyone care to explain my emails for me?
and there’s NOTHING on tv at random times -_- at least there’s nba + world cup in singapore when i’m getting over jetlag there…

ok. now on to my long story.

starting from the beginning.
monday, 6/12:
 i already wrote about the bumpy ride… so we got there in the afternoon-ish, and the 1st team came out to greet us (and our snacks…they really liked our snacks). they helped us bring our bags up to the 3rd floor of the dormitory (i guess u could call it that..), cuz 1st floor-guy students, 2nd floor- girl students, 3rd floor- us… i roomed w/ tiffany and stephanie (they were team1ers). after we settled in and were shown around (bring ur own toilet paper; don’t flush paper – stick in wastebasket instead; water may randomly “run out”– don’t panic, just use pail + bucket to flush, and tell someone that water is out; find a group of 3 other ppl of ur same sex while showering and then lock the door so as to fully utilize the 4 showers; etc), we were allowed to watch the 1st team in action. we observed them teaching (i think we saw tiffany teaching 6th grade combined)..then dinner, heard some kids sing (cuz steph and tiff told them to), helped them wash dishes, and went to our first meeting, where team 1 filled us newcomers in. we were to be introduced to our class(es) the next day, but we would continue observing first. teaching came the day after that.

ok i’ll do this in segements, cuz this is getting too long -_-


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