just arrived at grandparents’ in singapore… back in sl in like 2 or 3 days
oh and can someone give me a ride to the last mex meeting? my driving isn’t that great to start out with, and i don’t think i trust myself that much w/ jet-lag…

i have no clue what courses i needa take fish yr in college..and orientation’s coming up. uh oh. -_-


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  1. aussie_ch1ck

    haha sorry…i wish i could give you a ride…but 1)i cant drive…you know from last time’s experience at del lago and 2) im getting a ride from Tiff cause the rest of my chaufers are busy. and im in so much pain right now cause of the thing yesterday btw…did i tell u? i got a chance to wash a Hummer!! (H3) XD  

  2. sweetxmiette

    gosh. i miss singapore and the family soooo much.eeek, jet lag. sry, im not going to the mex mtg. lol.i hope you do a photo post. get some shots of the skyline and the big durian for me, plz? hahaha.i wanna go back….. ]=

  3. mmm_kohkoh

    umm….was the ride message aimed towards ME? well, unfortunately, our vbs team is meeting at 5 PM and the mex meeting is not until 7 PM, so there goes mai answer. sorry. (mex meeting changed times; it’s now from 7PM to 9PM on Friday).

  4. sweetxmiette

    i’m at orientation right now. haha. my mom drove me.i had to change the dates because of summer school. but then, the school has me on their fine list and i cant get my final transcript for the summer school course. sooooo, im stuck. =/


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