arrived back in hk (again) last night at about 8something or another. i think. got back to grandparents’ apartment at 10ish? crashed until 9 this morning (my mom forced me awake cuz she wanted to wash my clothes…)

anyways. this past week+ (almost 2 weeks) was really…an experience (in the positive sense). china airports (not including hk) are really ehh..and their restrooms are ewww. the ride from taiyuan airport to the school was quite scary, i guess, seeing as the roads were quite bad…really bumpy.. and we were going up the mountains for the last like hour or so of our 4+ hr trip. oh stuff in china is generally quite cheap tho (divide by 8 to convert to american dollars ^^). so anyways. i was half asleep and looked out the window and was like… where’s the road (tho the “roads” are very narrow, drivers manage to go two ways without falling over or crashing)?! i really thought we could have fallen off, but i guess the drivers there are really talented and used to the road conditions. so really. thank God for letting us ALL arrive there and leave safely.

oh its time for lunch, so my really really long entry about the school will have to come later. and it will definitely be long, as there’s just so much to tell. i wish i had a video camera with me 24/7 to record everything..everyone there was just so…great. i guess words can’t do it justice, and neither can our 1032487067+ pics, but u ppl who didn’t go have to hear of it somehow…

oh and it seems i missed out on stuff in the us, so just fill me in, k?


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  1. ttaMLee

    haha… yeah. very cheap.But the restrooms are horrible? The ones i went to were actually pretty good i thought. Most of the public restrooms are generally better than the ones in America if it’s a popular enough place.

  2. kohkoh

    lol. everything in england is expensive. multiply the prices by 2 to convert to american dollars. –”
    glad you had fun in china. how’s your mandarin now? hahaha!

  3. aussie_ch1ck

    i tried filling you in stuff!!!! but someone had to “bbl” >.< oh and today i got a really huge tan on my feet from the carwash and i think one of my foot is burnt? o.O well we raised a lot of money yay! and cant wait till u come back!!! fill me in whenever you get the time to anad I’m glad you got a chance to experience God through this trip to china (oops before i accidentally typed mexico..>.<) well be safe!

  4. mmm_kohkoh

    i didn’t know u were still waiting for a response from me about going to UT. I thot ur mom decided that u were going with the Locks. In that case, I still dunno, but it looks like my bro’s gf is bringing me up and mai parents are bringing me back down cuz they wanna go shopping. yea, unfortunately miami won…AND the US soccer was eliminated…AND the astros keep losing (only winning about 1 game for every 12731209 games)…AND we’re preparing for mexico vbs. u have to ask nat to confirm since i’m not in ur vbs team, but i think ur fellow members have forced you to do something (not sure what the something is…maybe skit/role play) and u have no choice, since YOU’RE NOT HERE!! haha… AND ya gotta go pick up ur diploma (which i keep forgetting to do)…did u see the brazil game against i forgot who. it was horrific. the other team looked so bad cuz brazil scored 3 goals in about 30 min…and just cuz u like the goalie, that’s why ur rooting for germany?? boo you. it’s either brazil or argentina for me. well have fun in hk and sing. ur coming back on the 28th, eh? ooo, while ur in sing or hk, go look for long shorts and tshirts (if u don’t already have enough). cuz we can’t wear those shirts with really short sleeves. the sleeves have to come down at least few inches above ur elbow. and shorts are at the knees. just telling u, cuz it might be cheaper to buy those over there. esp sing. all those 3 for S$10 deals!! AHAHA!! alright well have a safe trip back and see ya when we go to mexico….

  5. cindieee717

    hey what’s your july schedule? like..where you’re going wise. im doing something on the 15th maybe you can come? thanks for the movie rentals…im currently have watched..13 movies ;D


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