alright. here’s the “before flying off” post. keep in mind, i’m doing this on 2.5 hrs of sleep and an empty stomach (yes i kno…procrastinating is BAD)… so dont criticize if parts dont make sense ^^

err…i think we’re leaving in hour…just so we get a lovely waiting period of 2-3 hours before our actual this city, where we get another great 4 hour wait before flying off to asia. how grand.

just in case u haven’t seen my aim profile… here’s what my summer schedule looks like  (dates according to my location):
departing good ol’ SL: 6/4 afternoon
(eastern hemisphere- 13 hrs ahead)
6/6-6/11; 6/23-6/26
(back to western hemisphere)
august: laziness
8/30: school starts may not make much sense, but as long as i can understand it.. it’s fine =)

so i guess i’ll see u guys when i get back..end of june, or, if i’m too busy unpacking/packing/re-packing then… mid-july.
in the meantime, i’ll try to use asia’s internet as often as i’m able =)

and… have fun doing whatever u’ll be doing, and for the travelers out there, have safe + happy trips!
for the bday ppl… happy __th bday! (mostly 18s i think)

PS. janet, i’ll be keeping tabs on u to see if u keep up w/ ur promise (from last yr *ahem) =P
PPS. everyone go to camp challenge! (7/24-7/28) — ask fbcc ppl for details.. if ur an fbcc person, u prob don’t need more details, just go. [yw glare] x intensity of 1000

o yah. this is my way of keeping track of…stuff:
cl: 3 dvds + ?# bks
kj: ?# bks
tc: 2 bks
nt: 2 plants + 2 sets vcds

argh i almost forgot! i’m gonna be missing the finals! =(
[whispers] die dallas die


9 thoughts on “

  1. divineserenity06

    -_- promise? what promise? =PHave FUN!! hrmm, gosh..what are the chances of you arriving in SL the day right after I head out for vacation… About that “thing” could I do it when both YOU and madeleine get back? =)

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    lol thanks for waking me up yesterday =D well have heaps of fun!!!!! =) and yesterday Greg helped me with the dvd player so now i can watch the 60 oh-so-good vcds šŸ˜‰ (im still on my second one though..) well back to being a couch potato!! =D be safe and have fun and remember to PRAY! its very important šŸ˜‰

  3. cindieee717

    yayy glad to hear from you yesterday on aim lol!!! oh and i have 7 of your books. =P thanks so much for the dvds. nice post…have fun over there. i guess ttyl? hehe

  4. mmm_kohkoh

    yea i kno i’m a little slow in commenting, since i just got back, but DALLAS is winning as of now. series 2-0. haha. and i kno dallas beat the rockets last year, but ya gotta move on some time, u must forgive. always cheer for the WEST!! and i still cannot believe that Detroit is out of the FINALS!!! man…..strange, huh? too bad i wasn’t here to watch those games, but now ur not here to watch the FINALS!! haha. i guess that matters more. have fun in china and sing and hk. ur prolly wishing u had AC right about now huh?


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