so today (or technically, yesterday) was the first day i used my ipod… after leaving it in its case for about 2.5 months… it’s pretty useful =)

newayz. i was in the car (not driving, don’t worry), listening to vitamin c’s graduation (friends forever), and i listened to the lyrics and started thinking…
the first few times i heard the song..i hated it. (oh i htink that was also the first year i heard sum41 and the other kinda-ish graduation song “time of your life”) i thought it was really weird and stupid for a graduation song (it came out when i was in 6th grade, and my school ended at that grade..the school after that was from 7th-12th…yeah..weird). then when we were “graduating,” the school decided to play that song (vitamin c)…
ok enough flashback. in the car today/yesterday/whatever, i listened closely, and the song goes:
                  As we go on
                  We remember
                  All the times we
                  Had together
                  And as our lives change
                  Come whatever
                  We will still be
                  Friends Forever
ok so here’s the thing. i don’t even talk to the ppl from elementary school anymore. well maybe like one email/yr (heh), random IMs now and then…but SHEESH. that’s the first time i specifically remember hearing that song..and “friends forever”??? right…yeah i just found it somewhat ironic. but not to worry. i think the bonds formed during these few years are a little stronger than those formed 6 yrs ago =)

oh i re-listened to the song like at the beginning of sr year and found that i liked it =)


3 thoughts on “

  1. eevonvon

    Oh wow, you finally use that Ipod. Haha.
    oh i htink that was also the first year i heard sum41 and the other kinda-ish graduation song “time of your life”  <— That’s Green Day, “Good Riddance”

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    gah my stupid internet died one me when i pressed submit…so now i have to re-type another msge cause i cant rememebr what i said in the other one =P and gosh u better not forget me like we’ll be going to krogers and u’ll be like that girl looks sooo familiar *squinting* XD oh btw…YW FIJI WATER!!! XD


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