i guess it’s official. the computer i’ve been using for the past…year or so has died on me. which means all old saved stuff + pics… all gone. sigh. o well, at least it picked a kinda good time to die…not during the school year, not while i actually really needed it. but i’ll miss it =)

let’s see…not much has happened, i guess…other than graduation last saturday, etc. i don’t feel any different though… no relief or great change. and umm… it STILL hasn’t quite hit me that i won’t see most ppl again (tho i keep telling others this, i don’t really feel anything yet) and… yeah these past few days haven’t been that eventful. i guess i’ll have to start packing and all…

everyone have fun doing whatever =)
-summer school, vacationing, working, nothing, etc.


oh yeahhh. GO PHOENIXXXX!!! dEEow (diaw)! (2-2 vs dallas)
dallas deserves to be crushed. ^^
and miami… go wade!! i used to like rasheed wallace back in portland (leader in Ts), but not as much anymore.
WADE > detroit 


2 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    O.O so no more pics? seriously? >.< want me to send u some of our old ones like from canton retreat (the ones u gave me) and etc…?? =)  and hope u had fun reading the yrbk! btw thanks for saving me from that icky moth! (not) haha im so going to use that against u =P well have fun in china/asia. 😉


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