my hs good-bye…1.5 months ago

as i currently do not feel like working, although i have mucho homework and will eventually have to study for my fitness make-up test………….

wow. its almost the end of the year.

senior year. last year of high school.

it’s been quite the year. in a few months…actually, if you think about it…in a few weeks… everything’s going to change. for better or for worse? no one knows. like i’ve said countless times, i really don’t like change. but i guess i should get used to it, seeing as i’ve been through so many changes already. i’ve always wondered how it’d feel like to grow up in one place, to know people “for all my life”. to have the same neighbors, to be friends with the same people. boring? i doubt it. then again, its not like my life has been horrible. in fact, it’s been far from horrible. sure, there may be times when i don’t feel like there’s anything to live for, but i’m sadly mistaken at those times. for no matter how bad it gets, God will always be there, helping me through the rough times.
so i guess that’s one good thing that’s come of moving from place to place. God has pulled me through, and I’ve experienced His ahh i can’t think of the word. it’s not “loyalty” but something quite like it..the word isn’t “love” either, though i know i’ve experienced that endlessly. But whatever it is, i’ve experienced it. He will never leave me, and for that i’m grateful. No matter what happens in the future. No matter how much i – or the people i know – change, He is the one constant in my life. And like people say, “something’s always better than nothing.” especially if that something is as great as God…

to friends. u all know me. i’m no optimist. well it actually depends. like i’ve said, i’m a pessimist/realist, but i enjoy trying to force other pessimists on the road of optimism. and others feel like ur trying to help, which i guess is the point. but its rather fun. the thing is, no matter how good our intentions, our ties won’t stay the same. that’s a fact. i’ve seen it firsthand, several times. maybe we’ll get closer in the future, or maybe we’ll drift apart. i’m sorry if we do. but college is drawing closer; its no longer something to joke about; its a reality. and in college, everything changes. that’s just how life works. some people get lucky and stay friends for life, but like i said, slim-to-none chances with me. that’s basic Reality 101.
so i’ve cherished all the time spent with u guys, fun or not-so-fun, all the random and serious conversations, discussions that may lead into arguments. heh. well arguments aren’t all that fun, but they’re just part of life. hope to stay in contact (no matter how shallow the conversations get) in the future, i guess. memories. fun stuff. if only i had a higher capacity for remembering stuff…

wow it sounds like i’m dying here. then again, college is a time where people start anew, so their old selves kinda die, in a way…or just become really modified, so my words are somehow justified…by me, that is.

most people i’ve known for about… 2 years, i’d guess. well and then there are those i’ve known for…5 years? 6 years? i dunno…somewhere around there. ah. well its been a fun __ years.

([edit 5.26.06] this is how i sign yrbks! [end edit])
have a nice life -_- “sheesh”

most of all…

remember me when you’re famous!

-YW (originally written 4/6/06, 1:17am)


4 thoughts on “my hs good-bye…1.5 months ago

  1. tefene do kinda sound like you’re dying.. 🙂 its okay. i’ll make sure we keep in touch. andd maybe the word you’re looking for is “faithfulness” iduno


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