GOOO SPURS!!!!!!!!
they narrowly escaped elimination 98-97… mostly thanks to ginobili’s late heroics… made a steal and forced a second jump ball (2 jump balls with 6.3 seconds left–the second one was quite amusing, with referees trying to position all 8 players properly, everyone running around…rather disorganized ^^) in the final minute! and duncan starting off the night going 12-12 (tied the all-time playoff record)… and of course parker’s 20+ points on his bday… but he makes too many turnovers -_-
now they’re trailing 2-3 (lots better than losing 1-4)… GAME SIX FRIDAY 5/19
lol i think this is the first spurs/mavs playoff game where i’ve been awake for the final score…

in other nba news… cavs beating detroit AT auburn hills (detroit) to take a 3-2 lead in the series???? crazyyy. now they have the opportunity to beat the pistons… and i thought this would be an easy 4-1 detroit win. i guess that shows just how much i know

this is a first bball post in a looong time. i used to have lots last year…

oh yeahhh… i’m finally free for the year!! after turning in two steinbrecher projects today (stat, cs1), i am now able to do w/e without being bugged by some nagging but lazy conscience (the thing that keeps telling me i have tons of work left but isn’t strong enough to make me take action)…unless i’m forgetting some outside-school hw i have – in which case, please remind me

and: HAPPY 5th BDAY to MY SISTER! (i just realized it was past 12:00AM, though technically she was born in the afternoon…about 1 pm)


–there’s a limit to uploading pics? sheesh. so mah fan…and their “squares” are huge -_-


7 thoughts on “WOWWWWWW

  1. CrystalAngelz

    my sister’s five years old as well!!!!! omg!!!!! hahah…..yyour sis is going to turn out looking like you when she grows up. she looks like you already in the pics.

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    omgsh thats the pic i took of u holding ur sis at the canton retreat XD i thought it looked familiar. OMGSH this year is going by too quickly and can u tell her i said happy (belated-ish) bday?!?! =D and i finally know what u can do when u “grow up” (occupation-wise) a sports writer or those commentators XD


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