i dunno…but it seemed time for another entry…except i can’t really think of anything not boring to write…

so APs…every year, i get more and more unprepared (aka less and less prepared)…
i thought last year was bad.. the only thing i did was go to study sessions given by teachers and maybe read one chapter from review books
i have surpassed that low this year… i keep putting everything off until there no longer is any time to do anything. i keep telling myself to study or i’ll pay for it, but instead i fall asleep ALL THE TIME. -_- bio’s gonna kill me…and so is eco (both of them)…why do i even sign up for these things? sheesh

so it turns out that on past AP score reports, my name is “y**-w***”. seeing as i can never remember what i write on these things…my name this year is now “y**w***”…hope that doesn’t mess people up, tho some colleges think there are two seniors living in my house, one named “y**-w***” and another named “y**w***”…

[lol… * to protect my identity =P tho even w/ them, it’s not that hard to figure out…]

on a side note, i like how my 1st pd teacher doesn’t take roll very often… i’ve been absent 1st pd for 3 times this semester…but the attendance lady told me i only had one unexcused absence in that class =)

ok i really can’t think of any interesting thing to write.. i think its cuz i see most of u on a daily basis, so u already know everything i have to say…and i don’t remember most of the stuff that happens in school anyways…

o well…good luck on the rest of ur APs (or congrats on not having to take any(more))!


6 thoughts on “

  1. tefene

    protecting your identy! haha! our little paper throwing was quite fun today, huh? ADD group! hahajk yeah..have fun tomorrow! n be safe! who knows how many psychos are out there =D

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    SHE SUCKS! (first period teacher that is…) gah i hate her well im beginning to get realli po’d cus shes such a cow! i cant believe all 6 days that i was absent she manages to count those but when u skip she doesnt! >.<  ok..cept for one day =( i cant say shes a racist…or a sexist… =/ i’ll just call her a natalie-ist šŸ˜‰ that works out haha oh btw thanks for letting me do ur hair and makeup hehe i hope i didnt screw anything up =P but u look realli awesome!!! just remember Ultimate Victory haha and if all else fails..SCREAM! =) well hope u had fun!


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