so it seemed about time to stick up another post…and i found this one lying around under “private” and figured it was about time to ask…(yeah i typed it up Sunday April 9 2006, 6:13 pm) and [finally!] there’s no other post to get in the way =)

so without further ado:

do you like yourself?
(and no, you’re not allowed to say “of course – i love myself because God made me” even though that may be the truth)

think about it. when you look at/examine yourself, do you like yourself? really.

i for one, don’t think about things like this, so when i was asked…i gave a badly formed answer…sounds really superficial…but my answer was true… it still is.


o yeah, random insert (4/27)… the grass cutter people apparently found and killed a snake in our garden o.o
i’m never stepping in there again…


8 thoughts on “

  1. cindieee717

    lol why did you privatize it before??? trying to save up your posts eh? haha
    well…i’m not so sure how to answer that question. i do like myself in some ways…altho i probably would say things i don’t like about myself more. there’re some characteristics that i can look in both ways, for example how quiet i am. i like to be a calm person, sort of just absorbing things in rather than speaking out or able to deal with things better when stressed, yet sometimes i hate myself being like that, as not too outgoing.

  2. smyoGodlubsu

    whoa!!! a snake!!! one time we pulled into our garage and their was a garden snake along the little step. It scared the skidattles out of us! and to answer your question…i’m pretty sure that i do like myself, or, i should say that i have a healthy self-image, but there are always gonna be those physical traits that i want to change and certain characteristics of mine that i wish i could get rid of our wish that i had…but i guess that is just part of life…we’re all different so we don’t get as bored. 😀 but yeah…God does have a big part in it. 😛 what was your answer?
    oh…and thanks for wishing me a happy birthday! 😀

  3. Anonymous

    At times, I find myself rather disgusting and dull. However, I know that no matter how much flaws I have or how ugly I am…I know that I am beautiful because I am original…you just have to love yourself.
    It’s not a’s a jungle. lol

  4. XD_its_me

    huh? how did it take you 5 min to figure out how to comment? do you mean it took you 5 min to figure out what to comment?anyway. yeah i haven’t thought about that…”do i like myself.” i suppose i do since i don’t want to hurt myself (mentally or physically) and i’m sure there are more reasons…

  5. sweetxmiette

    not really. there are always ways i can be better. the example is jesus and i am just another person trying to be like his figure. imperfection. and as a perfectionists, in a sense, i wish i could be a better replica.

  6. smyoGodlubsu

    oh no, my dear, thank you!!! kehe…you’re very sweet and encouraging, so thanks! 😀 i just have random mind spurts where I think “deeply”. haha….note the “random.” kehee…but thanks again! have a great week!!!!


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