wow. it’s so nice to know that we all pay attention in bio…
gurl06 (10:41:12 PM): we bio2 students have excellent listening skills

question- what do we wear tomorrow [for the open heart surgery trip]? (or some version of that)


koh: “[mumble mumble]…collared shirt…PAY ATTENTION!”

ebi06 (9:26:31 PM): I don’t know about the clothes
ebi06 (9:27:51 PM): I guess school dress code

wax06 (9:27:53 PM): fancyish clothes
wax06 (9:28:21 PM): like slacks or just not jeans
wax06 (9:28:25 PM): and collared shirt

gurl06 (9:25:53 PM): -_____-
gurl06 (9:25:58 PM): obviously you don’t listen in class!
gurl06 (9:26:06 PM): something nice..
gurl06 (9:26:17 PM): a collared shirt
gurl06 (9:26:35 PM): and i forgot about jeans or not
gurl06 (9:30:54 PM): ask kathleen and tell me

and so…

188 (9:35:59 PM): wear jeans?
188 (9:36:11 PM): he said a nice shirt
Wing (10:45:38 PM): r u wearing jeans and a collared shirt?
188 (10:45:51 PM): too lazy to find collared shirt
188 (10:45:59 PM): so just w/e comes into my view first

eye Z (10:24:38 PM): long pants and maybe collared shirt?
Wing (10:39:24 PM): no jeans?
eye Z (10:40:05 PM): um i think we can

Le 93 (10:42:59 PM): regular clothes

xoxo (11:02:17 PM): apparently nice clothes
xoxo (11:02:21 PM): like a collared shirt

C608: all i heard was a collared shirt

and the search continues…

conclusion: collared shirt + ???jeans/nojeans

i think i have too much time on my hands

[edit] what a waste of a day. i could’ve spent it sleeping in class, not missing out on stuff…or i could’ve taken my 1st pd test (i would’ve finished by the time the bus arrived!)…AND i would’ve been back at home instead of at the mall eating lunch at 1:45 -_-
so the surgery…the most interesting part was watching the heart beat…and lots of blood flowing through tubes.
it’s been quite a long day…but i really don’t know why, exactly, this day feels so long… it just does.
sigh. on to makeup work and the like. wed = teachers’-conspiracy-to-break-everyone-by-sticking-everything-on-the same-day day


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  1. kohkoh

    haha, so it turns out that we WERE supposed to wear a collared shirt, but steinkamp didn’t even tell our class that! he always forgets to tell us things. –”


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