lol so i originally had a better, deeper question to ask my xanga readers…but then this one came along, so i’ll just ask the other one another time. newayz:

what’s the plural form of “fish”?

[edit] ALIAS is coming back!!!!!!!! in 2+ weeks!!!! APRIL 19th  mark your calendars…there’s something about vaughn in the previews…maybe they want more viewers and have decided to bring him back?? we can only hope…


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  1. guycrazygenius

    I think you can say “there were a lot of fish in that tank” or “there were a lot of fishes” or “there were lots of fishies [if you’re talking to a little kid πŸ˜› ]” or actually, you can say “there was a school of fish there”..
    haha, so I think all are acceptable πŸ˜›

  2. xsweetnsour_chickenx

    if u had been keeping up with stuff like i had, u would know that they’re bringing almost everyone back. vaughn, sark, frenchi, will, allison, her mother, etc. at least im pretty sure they’re bringing all those people back. i dont remember which characters they named specifically, but they did say they were bringing a number of characters back so come the 19th we shall see.

  3. aussie_ch1ck

    fishes…o.O lol we’re even now…ur addicted to Alias while i’m addicted to CSI and according to u, im addicted to smallville as well which i’m so not! =P

  4. zZpikaPiKaChu

    omg….people who come to your site are SO UNEDUCATED. hahahha jk everyone! anyways, it’s “fish.” that’s the plural form. like “moose” and “deer”ok, YW, you need to tell everyone that it’s FISH. not fishes or fishies -_- sigh…what has the world come to these days…


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