[edit] bought my first rated R ticket today (VforVendetta–GOOD movie)… the guy actually checked my ID… at first i took out my student id to get a cheaper price…but then he kept waiting..and i realized he wanted to check my age…i didn’t even know it was rated r   
movies to watch: 1.The DaVinci Code & 2.X3 (jean’s back as phoenix! + wolverine-hugh jackman!- + iceman-shawn ashmore!)
[end edit]


dunno why i suddenly thought of this, but…

back when i was still living in brownsville…in 6th grade… i had a bday party. since our school went from pre-k to 6th, my parents were like “ok this year u can go all out and invite everyone” (keep in mind it was a private catholic school, so there were maybe 30+ 6th graders all together)

the plan (yeah, i actually planned activities then…) consisted of water balloons , bball, golfing (only practicing our drives, not like on the actual course) and tennis…then back to the house for other stuff (food and i dunno what else). i lived in a country club kinda place, so golf + tennis were only a few minutes away.

everything went accordingly… i drove the golf cart to the golf/tennis area…and when it was time to go back, i had about 5 passengers (sitting, standing on the back where the clubs go, holding on to the side, etc). then one girl wanted to try to drive, so i let her. but she was being rude to her younger sister (5th grade, 1 yr younger i htink… all three of us were on the school bball team together tho) and told her to get off the cart so more 6th graders could sit. course, since i was the bday person, she didn’t tell me to get off…but i got a little annoyed, so i got off willingly. We walked behind the cart…and they (the cart people) were being loud (i don’t like loudness )…

we (me, the sister, and this other guy who lived in rancho viejo…basically all those who knew their way around rancho viejo) decided to teach them a lesson… 

since the road diverged halfway, we let the golf cart go first… and then we took the other road (both reached my house…just had to follow the road…) the cart people didn’t notice, as they were fooling around too much to realize the walkers behind them mysteriously disappeared.

then halfway through our nice, soothing stroll…

the sister stops and whispers excitedly to the rest of us: DID YOU HEAR THAT?? that’s my sister! i’d recognize her scream anywhere!

laughing at the other group’s misfortune, we continued on our way.

it turned out they finally figured out i was gone, and thinking they were lost, the girl screamed. which led to a rancho viejo police officer stopping the cart (uhh… underaged children weren’t allowed to drive the golf cart without adult supervision…) but then my parents heard the commotion and were nice enough to teach them how to go back to our house.

oh and the girl and i apologized to each other (me cuz i kinda left them stranded, her cuz she wasn’t being all that nice), but i’ve never let her forget that incident


i think that’s one of my fondest memories from that year…


13 thoughts on “

  1. mmm_kohkoh

    interesting bday party..sounds SO familiar… and nice reasoning skills u had back then to teach the girl a lesson. you actually PLANNED things back then?!?!?! woah….. kinda creeps me out.

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    o.O u weirdo…and see u are rich, rich girl! living in a country club area thingy…O.O so, why arent u living in sweetwater now haha jk XD oh btw, no wonder during the canton retreat u knew how to drive that golf cart haha i see now…u had practice before oh and i see, u seem to remember all this stuff but when it comes to remembering other recent things, u just dont seem to remember…?o.O

  3. aussie_ch1ck

    umm…err..congratz? hahah and i betcha u stared at that guy for a long time waiting for ur ticket when all along he was waiting on u and ur id…lol i can so picture that happen. XD

  4. XD_its_me

    WHAT. i just deleted your comment. on accident. i was going to respond and i thought i clicked your username but then my pg refreshed and your comment was gone. ahhh. comment again! anyway. i’m sorry i’m obsessed with keita tachibana. i’ve never really been obsessed with anyone until now.yeah. do you see the bow now?well have fun thurs and fri without me :]

  5. XD_its_me

    ok read the secret message again!i think you are more obsessed with basketball than i am with keita (you sitting in cs staring at basketball stuff all the time :P) yeah i usually don’t have much to say. or…people usually don’t care to read that much. so v for vendetta. hmm didn’t think about watching it or anything..but i’ll guess i’ll watch it someday since this time you are the movie critic instead of me :]

  6. tonikins

    whoah…your sis is gonna be just like you >_> scary….i hope they don’t mess up the da vinci code…like some other adapted movies >_>”i think you let that girl go too easy…i would’ve led her to a swamp or something XO


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