so i finally quit.

it wasn’t that hard, really. just one quick phone call, a few quiet words.

“are you sure?”


the end.


it’s not like i changed my destiny… it was already going to happen at the end of the school year… i just fast-forwarded life a little, that’s all.


the end of eight years’ toil.


but people keep saying that they regret it, they regret quitting…
sadly, i’ll probably say that too, more than likely one day in the near future.




4 thoughts on “

  1. cindieee717

    yeah true i guess. for  me i would continue until college starts..but i guess since you’ve lost your interest?..i see why you want to stop now. i can’t believe this would be my last yr of being in music class and play instrument… >_<

  2. crinoidea

    aww, are you quiting piano? =( Boo. actually, its ok. It won’t be the end of your life or anything, since I quit piano as well, and I’m still alive =P (or are you talking about piano? I’m not aware that you play another instrument).


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