[please skip this post if you did not arrive by a link in my away message]

for those of you who have decided, but have yet to realize how, exactly, to disregard my wishes as explicitly stated in the postscriptum on the little white paper…

you are in luck.

if you would be so kind as to travel by vehicle to the little store “Best Buy” to purchase a small, [almost] flat (99% flat, 1% thick-ish), rectangular object, whose price is unknown (<– as it is up to you), it would be very much appreciated.

er. if you could please verify your guesses with me before “traveling by vehicle”, that would probably be very helpful, as many of the “answers” i’ve heard are…well… inaccurate

-_- NO its NOT AN IPOD (i didn’t even kno they were that small/flat…)
ipod guesses count: 5

if u really wanna get me an ipod…i’d rather have the money =P

and if u figure it out, please don’t spread the news. its rather amusing to hear all these random guesses…