(aka koh1, (old) koh, mad, mady, “the bossy one”, old one, “the other”, her, “obvious one”, etc)
now u can… do stuff… and celebrate ur “legal-ness”… aren’t u so happy? =P
lol i think that was the first time in a really long time i actually typed out her real name instead of one of her “aka”s…

seeking: 1 piano person and 1 other intrument person.

oh yeah… have u guys heard of Raoul (hopefully that’s how u spell it…) Di Blasio?
he’s a really great pianist =)

without a higher being, without God, there is no point in life.

agree or disagree?


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  1. Anonymous

    Want to hear something funny? I went to see Di Blasio when I was 10, in Maramoros…I remember loving it but being disappointed it wasn’t only piano, but a band with him…precussion and such.Yea…I miss you Yan Wing. I shall steal you away one day.


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