[edit2-2.25] HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!!!!!! old crazy b-villian  (yeah, if u count..that’s SIX exclamations, cuz 6 is a multiple of 18, and 3 was too little, 9 too many…) and if people want u to buy stuff for them… make them pay a service fee =)

oh and be sure ur mom doesn’t find out =P
cya in a few months ^^

really really looking forward to college? YES or NO?

cuz i originally had the idea that everyone was so into college…couldn’t wait to just get out of here, closer into the “real” world of so-called independence and freedom. but then i talked to some people..and it turns out not everyone is that excited (including me). so i was just wondering…


and boo to the east, who came charging out with FOUR pistons…a fluid team… and overcame like a 21 pt deficit to beat the west in the 55th all-star game. sigh.
yeah i kno. tony parker sucked yesterday…grr…at least he won the shooting stars thingy =)
and dwyane wade won the skills challenge. and tho nate robinson won the dunk contest, iguodala’s behind the backboard dunk was the BEST.

and what’s with team USA this year? they’re kinda behind in winning…

[edit] (since i didn’t want to make a new post)

so today i found out that the best way to get over family arguments is to not eat (dinner).
then your parents will assume that you are suicidal or having serious problems, get worried, and begin to talk to you under the guise of “so now i don’t need to cook your share anymore, is that it?”

and… i’ve lost my train of thought. it ran smoothly in the car, but after talking about nba trades and olympics, the train has been derailed. oh well. i guess… we’re good at putting on different faces for different occasions, for the most part.


16 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    how’s australia doing? better than USA? *crosses fingers* anywhoo why do u guys have to go to college? cant u guys fail and wait till i get to be a senior so we can ALL graduate TOGETHER 😉 hehehe ok…that’ll probs take ten thousand years =P and u are such a tony parker stalker!

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    and WOOT FINALLY i’m first and second to comment!!! oh btw i dont like backboard! its never fair every time i throw the ball that girl had to catch it…thats like 4 times in a row!!! how embarassing! =/ i should just chuck it at her head next time bwhaha she’d be too busy dodging rather than catching(?)

  3. astarael914

    I dunno… I’m nervous and don’t really want to go and excited and can’t wait to go all at the same time. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s not sure about it 🙂

  4. eevonvon

    YES. I’m definitely one of those who are really really really looking forward to college. ^_^  That is, if my parents don’t slaughter my aspirations…. =(

  5. crinoidea

    thanks for reminding me cindy =) I don’t really know if I’m looking forward to college. It sounds exciting but also full of potential traps and unseen dangers. Ok, not really =P. And yes, yanwing, you should be proud of me because I know exactly what you are talking about with your All Star game and whatnot.

  6. XD_its_me

    i’m looking forward to college and yet i’m not. there’s different aspects i want to keep and some i want to change…you know? well i am worried about college. like i don’t know what will happen and what i should do. what if every goes wrong or something. *shrugs.

  7. tonikins

    its cause the russians are teaming up with the italians who are teaming up with the austrians to overthrow the US…but in the end CHINA will pwn all >Dand about college…yeah you should stay back a year…from your experiences, i would say nobody would notice 😀 (please don’t kill me ms.patriotic xD)

  8. aussie_ch1ck

    stop it yw! ur skinny enough! are u trying to loose weight from not eating and using ur parents as an excuse? tsk tsk tsk. Just cus im trying to catch up to ur speed when we’re jogging… lol jk jk XD ok..well time to find contact in my stupid eye again (if its actually in there unoe..)

  9. tonikins

    does yw run fast?! LETS RACE 😀 haha now that tiff points it out, i’ll think of you when i hear the pledge too 😀 and the best way to deal with family problems? don’t start any *nod*

  10. aussie_ch1ck

    lol this is getting super super unfair! dude u got sooo many comments and eprops >.<” and haha yeh i wanted to see what your reaction was when i wrote “she” oh btw im dying to go play backboard again XD if onli i saw that stupid guy aiming the ball at me just in time…!!!! i wouldnt of been out..yet but just cus i got one of his team mates out finally he decided to peg the ball at me..grr..!Oh btw i found more info on the free concert thingy…cus my mum went to chic-fil-a and they gave her a pamphlet hahah XD so we MUST go!


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