sooooo… i’m breaking from my not-writing-entries-cuz-life’s-boring phase… for a good-cause reason:

if u have pennies at home and are willing to give (donate) them to me, find me in school =)
it’s for a good cause:

if ur that much of a miser, i’ll make a deal:
 30 pennies = one quarter =P
or some other equality statement… depends on how many pennies u’ve got

(yeah, this statement can also be found on my away message)

and if u don’t have pennies, can u spread the word? thx  =)

o and THX to the ppl who’ve already donated 

PS. study hall’s still a really boring class…what a waste of time, as all i do in there is play games on my calculator… so my eyes get messed up by the time the bell rings, and i spend A lunch trying to readjust -_- (lol how sad if this were the most interesting thing that’s happened to me in the past two weeks…)


9 thoughts on “

  1. pradnyab89

    Hey. Do you know Natasha or Michael Nguyen or Henry Ran? (b/c I want to give you pennies but I don’t see you…. but I could give them pennies Monday during mentorship… if you see them … 🙂

  2. pbjsandwitch

    Haha well, apparently, there’s like NO ONE that’s active for NHS, from what I saw at the meeting! I was like…heck no…I’m not doing all those service hrs for nothing!

  3. Anonymous

    You know, if read wrong, “Got pennies?” looks like “God penises?”Yes, and I have also established I’m not a pervert. XD


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