mannnnn the school should just humor me and make a 4th pd wellness just for me


choice 1: stick w/ 1st pd class , 4th pd study hall (waste of time) , and 7th off– everything else is the same…….. i kno a couple ppl in 1st =P

2: 1st off, 2nd wellness (i kno like 1 person -_-), 4th bio (i heard they never get the class bonus grr), 7th off

3: 1st wellness, 4th compsci (if there is a class…tho i doubt it), 6th + 7th off
[edit] nvm, turns out 4th compsci is lorena’s adv class -_-

grrr… my last semester, and i get stuck w/ a STUDY HALL
and only 4 real classes…not much busy work, so study hall’s a waste of time… o well…guess i’ll just have to learn to deal… SIGH



14 thoughts on “

  1. kohkoh

    choice number 3! but i dont think theres a cs class either… unless its cs II. don’t switch bio classes! i wonder who is even in 4th period… you should only switch if its like 3rd period bc we always get the bonus. =) but then again you might bring us down, so stay in 2nd period.
    that’s what you get for playing the gpa game!

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    lol  u were the one who wanted to “sprint” haha and then i was left behind cause my legs were tired out so i couldnt catch up =P Yes i’m admitting ur faster than me haha but then again…theres always another chance to “sprint” together. lol XD and we shall see then…mwhaha anywhoo have a great week

  3. Anonymous

    lol don’t you just love second semester senior yr?
    yeah…you should take office aide and work in the library 1st period w/ me! trust me, it’s fun fun fun =)


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