so i’d have to say that the most interesting moment of my week-long vacation was…

no, not finding out i have huge feet (i had to get size 9 ski boots on the second day cuz 8 1/2 messed up my shins…i couldn’t stand/walk after spending 6 hrs in them…yeah i thought they were supposed to feel that way… how smart of me…then again…everyone knows i don’t have common sense =P )

no, not that i didn’t fall AT ALL while skiing (and ice-skating the day after i got back)

nope, not that i got on the intermediate slope and went down pretty fast (safely, tho)
–and i’ve got the camera vids to prove i DID ski decently =P

the crowning moment was when…


i got on the ski lift for the second time…a guy w/ ski poles sat next to me…
(o btw…i hate heights, unless i’m like confined or something…so all the times i was on the ski lift…i held on for dear life…lol)
and when it was time to get off, i was gonna stand up, when i realized one of his poles would be between my skiis, which would mess us both up
so i sat and let him go first
except i was too slow [glares…NO COMMENTS HERE] =P
and the chair kept going…and going…and going.
so i kindaish scrambled off after the “get off” point (it was still on snow tho)
but they stopped the entire thing…just for me…for like 2 minutes


its TIME…for doing
class of ’06, prepare for massive SENIORITIS (err…it struck me a long time ago…but what better time to strike everyone else? *coughnewsubscriberbeginningwitha”c”cough* )


9 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    Oh hey yw!!! dont switch out of first period!!!!!! =( i barely know anyone there!!!! =( and plus its very hard for us to be in the same class considering i’m not smart! =P so in that case….dont switch or else…hahah XD

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    of course its not enough….i’m too fat!!!! i need double the workout =) wanna workout with me? HAHAH =P and sorry…i dont count ice skating as a type of workout “jsyk” hehe in case u decide to drag me down to the rink mwhaha =P and STAY IN THAT CLASS!!!! unless u want me to cry?!?!?


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