my feet are too big -_-
but i will try to conquer the man-made snow again tomorrow =)
skiing’s pretty fun even w/o real snow…cuz most ppl can’t tell the difference…its just slightly harder i think…and don’t eat it

back on the 30th…late

PS. oh i’m not red yet lol, but i think it just takes a little time…


7 thoughts on “

  1. Unclejudei

    I ski before. 2 times. One time on real snow. One time on man made snow. For me, the difference is the temperature. In Colorado, where the real snow is, it’s cold and windy even with the sun. In North carolina, where the man made snow is, it was windy and slightly cold, but with the sun shining, it was getting hot that I saw boys walking around in t-shirts and shorts. I guess it’s because they ski a lot and worked up a sweat. Well, continue enjoying the holidays.

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    HAHAHA ur a bigfoot!!!!!!!! XD haha anywhoo…why cant u eat man made snow? what are the effects of that? haha if u dont know the answer…try it and see hehe =P im just very curious haha anywhoo umm my 3 kidnappers are: Toni, Elena, Tiffany =D u could’ve been the 4th if only u didnt go to New Mexico! hehe


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