HAPPY kindaishearly so-called “sweet” SIXTEENTH NAT2!!!  (no…not 17th…ur not that old yet )
have a fun after-xmas day =)
ALSO… Happy ## BDAY to my mom…tho hopefully she doesn’t read this… =P
AND… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! umm… merry christmas eve and day!!

in other news…

so i went to sleep yesterday (or early this morning…like at 3) on the couch downstairs…cuz its like my bed now…and cuz my mom had already washed the sheets of my real bed in preparation of guests after skiing… -_- lol

and this morning…after i woke up and was brushing my teeth… my mom was like… sooo…what time did u sleep? cuz the alarm rang… to which i replied: yeah i kno…i set it so i would wake up (predictably, i didn’t…sigh…)
mom: no…i meant the HOUSE alarm.
me: o.o
mom: yeah…early this morning…at like 4 am…the alarm rang, so ur dad and i sprang from the bed, ran downstairs…
me: [rapt with attention] ()
mom: …and found the front door open.
me: O.O
mom: its was wide open too…like 3/4…
yeah ok this is taking too long and we were supposed to leave like 15 min ago, so i’ll just summarize.
turns out the door was open, my parents thought someone had broken in and then ran off when they heard the alarm…but my mom tried the door, which was locked, so after skulking around the house, hiding behinds curtains and whatnot for about 30-45 minutes, my parents decided the wind must have blown the door open (it probably wasn’t shut tightly enough) and went to sleep.
I, on the other hand, was asleep during this whole investigation. -_- ahh… the strength of my slumber power…

conclusion: i may no longer sleep downstairs, and the computer is to be moved upstairs…

have a fun holiday, everyone!!!


8 thoughts on “

  1. kohkoh

    a bit too late for this, but have fun skiing and merry christmas and happy new year!
    that’s kinda freaky… having your door open in the middle of the night..

  2. eevonvon

    LOL….you sleep like me.
    Once in the middle of the night my dad had to call the ambulance cuz something happened to my mom. The ambulance, fire truck (you know, the works) came to my house, sirens and all, took my parents to hospital…they came back in the morning, and I woke up later without a clue of what happened. Haha.

  3. XD_its_me

    haha. but…it’s still materialistic :Pyou have interesting/so many alarm stories (whether it be a house alarm, radio alarm, etc)well enjoy the rest of the break :]

  4. aussie_ch1ck

    HAHAH thanksies!!! ^_^ and yeah im not THAT old yet….hahaha btw i had a great time last night thanks! =) and umm…ok wow thats just creepy…wat if u were kidnapped and u never noticed hahaha XD jk jk ! ok anyway…have fun skiing!!! haha and dont break any bones!!! XD

  5. aussie_ch1ck

    HAHAH whats wrong with fake snow huh? hahaha jk i mean its kinda better than having houston weather and NO snow at all =O hahah anywhooo hurry up and come back home!!!! haha we miss u already!!! =P but while ur at it…have fun at whatever new resort u’re going to be at lol ><


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