B in bio!!! yessssssss

haha its so sad how my expectations have fallen so drastically… o well, its sr year…who cares anymore? (besides my parents, that is…)
now if my english grade doesn’t drop more than 9 points… and my stat grade stays as it is… (tho i didn’t really like today’s exams…ugh) [edit2] BLAHHHH I HATE STAT -_-

compsci tomorrow…and then FREEDOM!!! (for about 13 days…)
err…besides the fact that SIX chapters have to be outlined for bio by the time we get back

fbcc xmas musical DEC. 23rd (7:30pm) tell me if u wanna go!!
SKIING trip from 24th-30th  …even if u tell me u wanna go…not possible, sorry =P

happy holidays!

[edit…like i said i would ] guess who i just added to my subscriptions list??? hahah


13 thoughts on “

  1. lilaznnoeyez

    yay for bio omg it is my fave subject i love it so much i cant get enough of it i love that class so freaking much i heart bio to the extreme i am going to marry it.
    yeah i am justa keedin.

  2. eevonvon

    You wanna see drastically fallen expectations? Look at me. All I care about now is simply PASSING all my classes. I mean, seriously, it’s senior year….we’ll be GONE in half a year.
    But parents however….urgh. My parents are gonna slaughter me once they see my semester grades.

  3. aussie_ch1ck

    U UPDATED AGAIN?!?! great now im not the first to comment :stubborn: lol jk!!! anywhoo i cant wait till tomorrow!! but freedom at last!!!!!!!!!! :hehe: anywhoo plz pray for me that i will get beter cause i think im getting sinus problems..or actually sick…but more on teh sinus side of things haha  :tongue: too bad u’ll be missing out on WG! u should’ve signed up! lol anywhoo…cant wait till friday  :shifty:

  4. xsweetnsour_chickenx

    i had a b in bio too! he wouldnt change my 88 to 90….
    everyone’s expectations have dropped. kathleen’s has majorly but doesnt matter b/c she’s already into stanford. im so jealous…
    i hate u for going skiing. i wanna go but my dad hates the cold. my mom gets seasick. therefore, my family will not take trips that involve skiing or cruise ships. how much does that suck?


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