i dunno y, but i just realized there’s one semester left…before college…before change.
yeahh… next semester’s gonna be pretty different. one new class, two gone. different ppl.
i don’t really like change. o well… i’ll just try to take w/e life gives me

and good luck on upcoming exams!! i think my worst is over (BIO…ugh) tho some other exam may just knock me over with like..the first question…
but then again…it’ll probably be my fault for not studying


5 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    LOL i have Bio on monday !!! and yeah i hate change…well cause next year u’ll go off to UT and i’ll be here!!! its not fair! u shouldn’t of been smart enough so u wont be getting ready for college yet… =( PLUS u’re missing out on my bday!!! =( i dont know what to do yet hahah give me ideas? LOL

  2. stefunnylookin

    hahaha. dude. i almost lost my piece of paper when i was searching in my letterjacket pocket. it flew out! but didn’t fly away. whew. oh and i looked at my yes printout, and it says i got 10 hours for that textbook junk. haha i wonder if that’s what nhs has down too. oh well. i didn’t go to santa’s exchange today. i better not regret it.drop bio! it phagocytizes you!

  3. aussie_ch1ck

    OH btw can u give me the thingy to some of ur songs??? cause the ones i found dont work on my xanga =( if its ok…i want Iris by Goo Goo Dolls =D and Savage Garden -Truly Madly Deeply thanksies!! btw if we do end up going on friday…be sure to bring ur camera haha but no more cheesecake pics for me lol XD


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