i seem to really really like ranting
i find some new thing every day to rant about (usually same main topic, different instances)
keeping stuff bottled up isn’t good
but it seems a better path than blowing up
or “exploding,” as i keep telling everyone

…school’s out in a week!!! =D (ugh just looked again…that D looks so empty…maybe it needs like…teeth or something…)
i really can’t type… i kept trying to stick +D up there… what an ugly face

my grade kinda really sux for one specific class…another class is over… two are ok, one is medium…and as for english… who knows what to expect   (1+1+2+1+1 = 6)

good luck to everyone! (exams + letters coming in…)


4 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    haha that was such a random topic to talk about lol XD and WOOT FIRST ONE TO COMMENT!! (finally) oh btw…wanna go to cheesecake factory when i get back from WG? lol that way we can celebrate my feliz de cumpleanos earlier rather than later šŸ˜‰ smart thinking huh? ;P

  2. ncswim881

    omg..after reading your previous post–i feel so bad for u i hope that u work things out w/ your parentsi sometimes feel like that but i haven’t in a long time (last time was like middle school or something like that)well–just try to breathe slowly and clear your head so that u don’t get into so many arguments with your parents. it sometimes works for me….i dunno though….well good luck on your exams! It’s almost Christmas so be happy! =0

  3. smyoGodlubsu

    i agree that it’s bad to bottle things up. Ranting is good to release emotions and stuff… šŸ˜› silly girls, huh? hope you’re doing well! good luck on your tests!!!!


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