-_- what is this???

[i feel a rant coming on…]

in the span of less than 24 hrs, i have gotten TWO instructions to call adults for help. (ok this either doesn’t sound that weird or maybe it sounds really weird, but let me elaborate.)

first was d-group.
because my bio grades are pretty much public info now -_- ppl have been asking me if i need help. a few weeks ago my parents wanted to get me a tutor cuz they thought i don’t get bio…to which i replied: umm its just that i don’t read and study, etc.
now my d-group leader person wants me to call her for tutorials. or she said that she’d make me go to her house so she would force me to sit and study/memorize bio. -_-
she’s nice and all to offer, but i just don’t like to read bio…or anything else. hopefully she doesn’t call and force me to go to her house…

today, i told my piano teacher i was thinking of quitting piano. and i told her cuz my mom told me to tell her cuz she wasn’t gonna tell her. cuz i haven’t been practicing for like a LONG time, i’ve just been going to lessons. my mom says this is a waste of her money, everyone’s time, and my teacher’s effort.
i agreed, so i told my teacher today.
she gave me a lecture on life. -_-
and then…
piano teacher: y do u want to quit? have u told ur mom, cuz i think she’d be upset.
me: umm…
her: well, tell u what. i’ll call u to tell u to practice. when u hear my voice, think of the uncle sam poster saying “i want u” ok? i want u to practice piano. so i’ll call u on monday, wed, and thurs. or u call me. if i don’t call u, i want u to call me.
her: hmm i’ll call u monday, and u call wed., ok?
me: umm…


i don’t call adults. i don’t speak to them on the phone unless its my parents, or unless its like 2 min convos.


do you guys think i should quit piano??


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  1. parabuzzle

    Don’t quit. Having music lessons gives you the chance to play around with all that school crap going on. If you do quit, still play. keep up the music! or I will beat you with my drumsticks and mallets.

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    i dare u to quit!!!! hahaha XD well then again…if u do quit u will have more time to study for bio and other subjects right? but im sure ur grade isnt that bad…and ur bads probably getting a 99 means uve failed…or something like that lol XD  btw what the heck happened to ur emoticons????!?!?!? =( unoe i cant live without them!!!

  3. astarael914

    I probably would quit–actually, I already did, lol–but it’s not necessarily the best thing to do… I don’t really regret quitting though, because I was never wonderful, and it took up so much time

  4. azngrl4life88

    i think you should STICK TO IT!! because…1) u can spend time practicing while i attempt to beat you in bio2) ur rich neways, so some money won’t hurt YOUR family…3) u can continue to BANG on ur piano, while releasing ur anger4) i can hopefully see you at ur recital whenever it comes along…5) u shall have an extracirricular activity6) u can’t get any lazier….and the list goes on. btw, i still have to make that TOP 100 list right?? I’ll see if I can get it to you. haha. and yes….i’m ACTUALLY commenting. i think from now on, i’ll check one xanga every month or something. and u just so happen to be the one for this month! u should feel EXTRA SPECIAL!!

  5. sweetxmiette

    “take a break from piano”.i think. sort out academics first, then resume with extra-curricular. commmitment is good. [=plus, i could save money come solo-ensemble contest. i’ll hire you for a pianist accompanist? lol.take care,kimberly

  6. zZpikaPiKaChu

    hm…first off, take off the smilies. they’re making my computer slower. anyways, if you REALLY feel that you don’t have that inspiration to play piano then quit. because by this time (16 years old) you should already know what you should do and what you can get rid of. eh, hope you know what i’m saying. but if you really hate piano, then quit. just don’t quit out of laziness.

  7. zZpikaPiKaChu

    oh btw. i quit. but i hated piano. i had 3 piano teachers and i didn’t like staring at the mole on my last teacher’s hand during the entire lesson. but i started on cello and i love it! just find something you love and go for it! there we go. i knew i was missing something.

  8. aussie_ch1ck

    Oh i just read ur comment on my xanga and i guess i forgot to comment on that comment u made about Celicas haha *clears throat* ROARRRR!!!!!!! u can run but u cant hide! XD and CELICA’S SOO ROCK!!!!! and i know ur buying me that for my bday haha jk jk =P


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