ok ok so here’s the post all of u ppl have been bugging me about.
and yes, i kno my sleep schedule’s really messed up (so are my grades…come to think of it)

its weird… most of the time i have nothing to write here anymore, and the few times i think of something to say, i’m not near a computer, so by the time i go to the computer, the mood has left me. BUT this is what i had to say sometime like saturday, i think. (before the sunday night/ monday morning cramming of hw and all)

[edit] changed my mind. don’t feel like writing now…will type when feel up to it again.
PS. por = for, para = for…sheesh ehh u sophs are all still like little fishies


6 thoughts on “

  1. kohkoh

    great… we’re learning about por and para now in spanish. i think you should update about that since i find it hard. and we hafta memorize the rules. -_-
    i can’t believed you were up at 4:30 AM! psycho. and how would you have time esp. since you were supposed to be doing your hw?! tsk tsk!
    btw, nice driving skills and thanks for the ride home! =)

  2. pradnyab89

    we all stay up late sometimes…. one night I slept at 10:30 PM & woke up at midnight to finish homework. In other words… I only got 1.5 hours of sleep….. its nice to know its not just me or you  :blink:

  3. XD_its_me

    yay you updated.hmm i ate vitamins and a lot of candy/junk food though. i don’t think i was anorexic. and really. i was healthy. i rarely got sick. haha yes. we’re still mute-onians living on mutonia. ah rice.

  4. XD_its_me

    well maybe not a lot of junk food. but a lot of candy.change your sleep schedule to a normal one! it’s good for you.ahh are your grades really messed up? probably not really.

  5. kohkoh

    oh great. for and for? that helps much. -_- “sheesh
    anyway, thanks for your hint about the compsci lab! i got it to work just now. i think i can still show it to my teacher on monday. ;D when is our test anyway? i dont really like this chapter.


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