hey can u guys pray for my grandmother (in Singapore)? and my grandfather too. thx.
its ironic, i guess, but God works in mysterious ways, huh? cuz what happened two days ago… i remembered Sam’s sermon on Sunday… (tho don’t worry, its not that drastic)

just make the most of… life. u never know what’s gonna happen.

*disclaimer: no, nobody has died. =)

[edit:] interesting…so give it a go

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over these words right now, even if we don’t speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want – good or bad.. When you’re finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) by what people remember about you.


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  1. smyoGodlubsu

    hey!!!! yes…you were one of them! But I don’t mind at all…i just thought it was funny!  :big grin: mm..I like this song!!! and yes, I will definately pray for your grandparents! I hope you’re doing okay! You’re in my prayers too! I’ll see ya later!  ðŸ™‚

  2. aussie_ch1ck

     :ohmy: i heard what happened!! dont be too worried :console: and yeah its so ironic how ur dad just went to singapore too and that just happened  :pinch: I”LL PRAY FOR U!!! :big grin: GUESS WHAT TONITE IS??? CHRIS TOMLIN AND MATT REDMAN!!! *cant sit still*  :hehe: :group: :laugh: :talk to the hand:<< thats probably ur reaction right now haha and yeah u take horrible pics! JK   :applause:  cya tomorrow nite as well haha

  3. kohkoh

    what happened to your grandparents?!
    hm.. youre little sleepover was a good memory… too bad we couldn’t scare you. –”
    I FINALLY GET COMP SCI! or at least i get the lab. i’m so happy!! =)
    chris tomlin tonight! yayyayaya! =)

  4. danny_chao

    my memory of you? first…hmm when i entered compsci the first day of class and you looked at me and kathleen like we were a bunch of weird freshman. HAH. well you’re wrong. cause we’re the two coolest people youll ever meet in yoru life  :w00t: ðŸ˜‰ :tongue: :biggrin: :laugh:  ðŸ™„ :dry: ðŸ™‚ 

  5. aussie_ch1ck

    the best memory i’ve had of u was whenever i had a problem u tried cheering me up!! ur the coolest best friend i’ve ever had cause ur easy to talk to and u try to understand alot of things…hmm..the best specific memory was when we were at the canton retreat and we were home alone taking random pics! and then cheesecake factory…how i dread that pic!! haha but i asked for it haha >.< but the best closest memory was tonite haha or shall i say last nite since its 1am now haha how we lined up to see Chris Tomlin and got excited when we went to his concert and all these things CHRIS TOMLIN BAND HAND! anywhoo i gtg later

  6. aussie_ch1ck

    anywhoo to sum up what i said before….i’ve had so many good memories and when u leave to UT (cus u suck like that) it’ll be sad ðŸ˜¥ :console: so dont go and be a longhorn stay and be a coug!!!! like me!!! :laugh: :rolling on the floor: anywhoo… :cowboy:<<cute cowboy  :winking:  :big grin: hahah btw im not calling u one…but Travis woot!  and ur indescribable song thingy works now haha so nvm about what i told ya bfore

  7. pradnyab89

    You always nodded your head… like every couple of seconds… and then I’d look that way… and start laughing… oh yeah… & the part where you tease me…. about you know who… as you still do………

  8. XD_its_me

    hm…when you sat next to me in english last year and that’s when i actually met you…when you found me in that corner of the library even though i didn’t want to be found…when you were yelling at me b/c i’m a “quitter”/ i didn’t know who chris tomlin was…and so on…

  9. Catbat88

    Hmm… let’s see.  There was that time I thought your last name was Wang or Wong (something along those lines), and when I discovered you sitting in my NHS pod–which is exclusively for us A-C people, thank you–I turned to you and said, “Um, what are you doing in this pod?”  We still haven’t forgotten… I’m terrible with names.  Cheung.  C-H-E-U-N-G.  Ha ha!
    I will most definately keep your grandparents in my prayers.
    As for your comments, you hit the nail on the head about writing on Xanga.  It’s like revealing parts of yourself that you can’t just say.  It’s a way of letting people know without ever discussing anything about it personally.  And about champagne, I agree with you 100%.  I suppose that at some point, our taste buds will die… and we’ll bury them in that awful drink.  Why else would anyone drink something so bleh?  :pinch:
    Hehe!  I just noticed that this :flowers: actually looks like a psychopathic killer.  Mwaha.

  10. XD_its_me

    hmmm. maybe he is married. but then that doesn’t make sense. orr maybe he’s married in real life and he forgot to take off his ring when he made the video. *shrugs. idk…

  11. XD_its_me

    hello depressing person :]i would certainly go to your funeral. but i don’t want to think about friends’ funerals right now. it’s depressing.yeah and the cs lab. i have no idea when it’s due. sorry…i’m thinking tuesday. *shrugs.

  12. cindieee717

    mm LOTS.. dude never thought i’ve not comment about memory yet…gah school molested my brain away.
    last yr..wld history…you are always so quiet..and finally know you after knowing you live just a few street away from me during that wld hist proj. i should say thanks for that for knowing you? heh..and then we always hang around afterschool at kathleen’s locker…and yours after that. what a routine. and then rice…that was fun..kinda cramming so much stuff less than 24 hrs everyday….mmm lots..

  13. smyoGodlubsu

    awww…thanks!!!! mmm…first memory. I think I first met you when natalie introduced you to me. …i think. But I know that you were very quiet too. But that’s cool. I used to be very very very quiet too. Now I know that you’re really deep, fun, and cool!!!! 🙂 Have a great break!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    hmm…i’ll pray for your grandmother as well. i don’t know why i am, but i will anyway…i hope she’s okay =)
    i remember first meeting you and then our families both went to that huge chinese restaurant (i think it was a hotel, or something), and i was pigging out on those little egg-filled pastries since i was too shy to talk to you =)
    have a great thanksgiving, yan wing!!


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