[edit] GO ASTROS!!! 3-1  haha i’ll be the one to jinx them this time…

ok…so i didn’t miss out on much last night, since spurs lost…again. they’ve lost all their pre-season games…hopefully this was all in fun and they don’t suck this much during the actual season…

newayz. didn’t kno drums and piano accompaniment needed that much concentration…sigh…and i don’t hit hard enough, so the stupid things don’t sound. blah.

now time for hw = i don’t like mondays


1. anyone wanna go to FBCC talent show on the 29th? (ppl who don’t have tickets yet, i mean)

2. to ppl who play an instrument: help me!!! by playing a little ( [edit] yes I’LL be ur accompaniment…just give me the music before may…) since my teacher wants me to have a recital…sometime in may…and i gotta plan it starting…NOW   oh yeah, i play piano

3. anyone up for ice skating next semester? its fun…


9 thoughts on “

  1. ncswim881

    I probably can go to the talent show. (crossing fingers) I play the cello but I dunno how I can accompany u since pianos usually accompany cello solos (not the other way around)Ice skating next semester? Planning ahead i see….lol

  2. cindieee717

    heyy! you should be my piano player for my solo during febuary!!!! mmm..if you want someone to play with you..wouldn’t you need to consider the music that the other person play? not the other way around..like nat said.
    yeah..i can tell why ice skating…mmm somewhere in march eh? =P

  3. aussie_ch1ck

     :boxing:<< i wanna knock out my stupid locker partner cause i just found out today that im fricking sharing lockers with two ppl!!! no wonder theres so much crap init…and i was talkin to my friend whilst putting my english book on top of their crap and apparently the stupid girl who has her own locker but is so selfish that shes willing to use up my space! was giving me stupid dirty looks… :blink: :wacko: is it just me or can she not tell that I should be the one giving HER dirties! :pinch: :stubborn: :hammer: :boxing: im ready to poke her eyes out next time  :boxing: :big grin: im up for round 2 for ice skating!!! :hehe:  though my butt and body still hurts from falling so hard so many times but totally worth it!! haha  :angel: :laugh: btw i asked how much it was to rent a whole rink per hour and its way too much money unless u’re willing to cough up a few hundred bucks just to skate for an hour hahah (jk about the paying thing…but thats seriously how much it costs or maybe even a bit more than that..??)

  4. azngrl4life88

    ok, so here is ur comment from ME. i didn’t know that u so desperately wanted mai comments/eprops. But there is nothing to say except spurs stink, ROCKETS RULE!! what more do u want?!?! i’m with nat 2 about the back pain and everything else. and trust me, me being the one who received the pain, ur broomstick skimmed mai fingers, but u tripping me when ur broomstick was right behind me hurt MORE!! i dunno when this back ache will ever leave, but everyday i discover a new pain. just today i discovered the pain in mai left hand on the side where the pinky is. and both mai shoulder blades HURT!! i was stretching and i discovered that pain. I was like “why does it hurt so much to stretch?” Then i remembered that awkward fall when mai whole left arm was twisted behind mai back and i landed on it. ugh… BUT i wouldn’t mind skating next yr. just keep me updated. for once i don’t have to plan somehting….. u have the responsibility…tho that’s a somewhat scary thot…[bites her nails]

  5. XD_its_me

    i’m not going to hc b/c i’m a loser. just kidding. it’s b/c…i guess it’s b/c i really don’t see a point in dressing up, eating at a fancy restaurant, and going to the school to just stand there. since i don’t know how to dance.so apparently you’re going? i’m trying hard to imagine you in a dress and maybe make-up…hmmmm…yes i hate comp sci right now.

  6. aussie_ch1ck

     :applause:TWO MORE DAYS!!!!  i cant wait…i cant wait..!!! :shifty: Oh btw remember to bring ur camera!!! :big grin: my camera cant hold that many pics but urs can  :shifty: :laugh: :winking: hopefully where we are sitting we can still zoom in and take pics of chris tomlin and matt redman  :big grin: :love struck: theyre soo cool!!! anywhoo…update woman!!! haha  :urgent:


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