ahh so much stuff tomorrow… and sunday too -_- sigh, there’s no time to do hw anymore… think my mom will take that as a valid excuse?
…so it turns out that bio outline packets were handed out the same day as the new calendar — guess what? that was one of the days i walked in late… its not even that late…just like 3 minutes, and i’ve missed out on so much. great.

um i don’t think i’m ever gonna upload my pics…just ask if u wanna see them tho…

SPURS vs rockets TOMORROW…
GO SPURS!!!!!! GDP ❤

OCT. 28th =)

lots of new songs (well they’re old, but in a newly updated list…get it? good)


2 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

     :hammer: now unoe how i feel…other than i dont have much hw cause i did some during study hall  :shifty:  :big grin: :winking: btw can ur mum drive me tomorrow???  🙂 :nailbiting:

  2. cindieee717

    GDP? hahah the first thought i came to that was economics..but then i was like..you wouldn’t think of that!!! we took rice together!….i still don’t get what’s GDP….
    you are taking ACT???????? O_o you are kidding me.


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