parents back. whoopie.

so, some ppl sleep so weird-ly… instead of normally sleeping under the blankets and all, everything’s kicked away, leaving the whole bed a mess. and i have to fix it. -_-
i can’t be the only one who can go w/o sleep, right??? (of course, once i fall asleep, its for a couple hours…)

newayz. school’s out tuesday. that means i only go to school one and a half days this week. cuz i’m skipping 1/2 of thursday and all of friday to go to st. louis, even tho i’m like 85.9% sure i’m going to UT next year. what a waste of time. and i don’t even get to skip the horrible BIO test, just cuz i’m a good student and i’ll go to school thurs until end of 3rd pd. isn’t that great? too bad i’ll have to make up sooo much stuff when i get back.

PS. anyone have a pic of a bio cell??? cuz i have no clue how to do the stupid lab…which is due in a little over a day…

oh. i just tried doing hw, only to realize that in my haste of packing (preparation for rita), i dumped all leftover items in the small gaps and drawers i could find. so now my room AND my so-called hw place…is a mess. ahh well, that’s life.

but for better news… i just formed TWO “fantasy NBA teams”, courtesy of yahoo =)


10 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

     :unsure:LUCKY!!!! i wish i could not go to school lol well anyway yeah im glad i survived ur oh-so-great driving skills LOL jk jk it wasnt that bad haha *ahem golf cart* lol  :hehe: :laugh:

  2. XD_its_me

    ah i don’t feel like updating the “time thingy” :] mm well i’m not very far on reading comp sci…at least you’re done w/ that. welll good luck with the cell drawing!

  3. kohkoh

    ahaha. sorry. i meant to make your bed, but didn’t exactly have time… sorry! thanks though!
    85.9% sure youre going to UT? how precise. how did you get it to be a decimal?!

  4. Unclejudei

    Homework is impossible to do over this six-day weekend. Rita screwed up the school’s schedule and now we might have some holidays cancel to make it up. And right now, I have no idea what’s due tomorrow.

  5. aussie_ch1ck

    i didnt go to school today  😥 my whole perfect attendance thing is ruined!!! haha but yeah im sick (physically)  :shifty: plz pray for me and i hope u’ll have a safe trip to Washington 

  6. aussie_ch1ck

     :w00t: THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :throb: < not in gay way ok! hahah  :dry: :laugh: :biggrin: :rolling on the floor: :rolling on the floor: im going to name him jub jub! or hobo#2 hahah  :hug: it even stuck on to my world history desk!! how cute!


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