why is life so unpredictable and… random?

(and stressful.)


6 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    well sometimes u gotta see life as fun!!! (hard to do) but try to enjoy life…ehh i should be applying that to my life too haha but would u rather it be boring? and predictable sometimes its more fun to experience new things and all that good stuff…ehh im in my optimistic side haha (doesnt happen much anymore since i went to Clements)  :hammer: :group: haha OoOo and yeah i fell in love with “everytime” tooo!! cept i think im sick of it well getting sick of it soon…cause im always listening to it =P heheh

  2. Anonymous

    Yes it is stressful and sometimes mean…But its unpredictability is what makes it worthwhile…It doesn’t allow life to be bland and routine.It’s how it is, no?

  3. pbjsandwitch

    Yeah I did hear about the stores running outta water! My mom went to Kroger’s earlier today, and she said it was chaos in there. Everyone was stocking up on water and pantry snacks haha. And everyone’s stocking up on plywood too.


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