tho i was skeptical at first… the retreat turned out really fun =)

i slept on the couch
took lots of random pics (like 150 in 2 days…)
played cards (learned new games!!!)
talked to new ppl
got bit by insects
got used to having fun and doing nothing

…and now its back to school again…sigh…with returned grades…
this is the year to try new things…especially when it comes to grades
  my standards are getting lower and lower everyday…

PS. nat2, revenge is gonna be sweet [insert evil look]


5 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

     :crying: :crying:  :cry:show mercy upon me hahahaha bring it on yw! wait no no not fair!! u got all my silly pics as if u got any pics i can load up for revenge again  :hammer: u never took that many pics  :dry: and the sleeping thing wasnt that big of a dealio hahaha oh btw i need to see u soon!!!! hahah everytime i do i get reminded of funny stuff from the retreat which brightens my day and cause i got stuff to hand to u haha its just notes that i wrote  :dribble: <<<that should be ur reaction now haha well just remind me if u see me to give them to u =) well ttyl


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