bright side: my 98.5% sureness did not fail me. neither did my 100%. and this was the only time i was over 80% sure of anything. and my own imagined numbers were much worse.
–apparently, my mom didn’t believe me when i told her yesterday. today, after she got over her shock, she started laughing. a side affect of the shock, i’m sure.

by now you should know my grade. great number, isn’t it?

[edit] NO MY GRADE WAS NOT GOOD. AT ALL…sheesh…jsyk, “bright side” all the way down to here…all can be interpreted two ways–positive/negative. and “great” is sarcastic. really sarcastic . and everything relates to y i gotta hunt down the ppl. cuz one point makes a BIG difference. -_- i finally realize it.

are any of the new students seniors? i sure hope so  …though this year is gonna kill my numbers. how fun.

labor day weekend = lots of work…BUT we get to skip a monday


9 thoughts on “

  1. Unclejudei

    Why do you need to hunt down the person in Bio?
    I know this sounds selfish but I hope the new students aren’t seniors because right now, I’m trying to hold on to my rank desperately. I’m not in the top 25%, so . . . you get the idea.

  2. Anonymous

    Ren Fest: the weekend I should be going in is Oct 8/9. : )It would be so cool if you could come. And meet Thomas too! ehehe

  3. XD_its_me

    actually bio isn’t THAT bad…it’s interesting don’t you think? one point on a daily grade isn’t THAT big of a different…right? i’m sure you can raise your grade by many many points. and yeah your avg in bio right now is probably higher than mine. well have fun at your church retreat!

  4. aussie_ch1ck

     :stubborn: thats not fair u get more comments than i do  😥 and *scream* i love tyson joe’s songs he’s such an awesome guy!!!!  soo talented  :hug: anyways…tomorrow u better not be doing that much hw haha cause i betcha they got stuff in store for u to do maybe… :biggrin: so u’ve always got the excuse of “the bears ate my hw” hahaha i dare u to use that xcuse haha  :laugh:

  5. xsweetnsour_chickenx

    no i did not switch out of english. i just had a doctor’s appt in the medical center yesterday so i didn’t go to english. i left between third and fourth pd and i came back for 6th pd. it’s highly unlikely my dad would let me switch out of english so don’t worry. lol.

  6. aussie_ch1ck

      im sorry!!! they made me put cream on and then they gave me an ice pack so i didnt think i should’ve stayed there unless they told me to haha  :tongue: sorry…and uh oh payback?? there are some payback u can do on me…some u cant haha cause there are certain pics that should not be revealed to the public haha *wink* unoe what im talking about *ahem* last night haha  :laugh: funny…ooo do the tree hugger one haha well anyway i wrote u another note thingy…in study hall but then i just realised…how am i going to see u???  :ohmy:  😥 well anywhoos..are ur parents going away to UK next week?? i keep forgetting when theyre leaving…so i can drop by whenever  :biggrin: and maybe drive the Yukon hahahah jk jk


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