messing up the compsci test was fun.
failing the english quiz + timed writings? even better.

good news: i’m out of spanish V– but torano seems lenient when it comes to hw and stuff =(  kitagawa not so much. oh well…what’s done is done. i’m tired of bothering the counselor + her secretary, and i’m sure they’re tired of me too.
now– class right after steinbrecher = kitagawa x 2 per day. yup, i’ve got a total of 4 teachers for my 6 classes…so exciting. at least they’ll learn my name by the end of the year– at least i’d hope so.
bad news: i’m tired of school already. then i realize its only been a week. looking forward to the many months ahead… not.

oh yeah. is anyone interested in a 20 minute recital? uhh u gotta play an instrument tho…that’s the whole point.

[edit] FBCC talent show september 27th, 7:00 pm
           tickets (students): $5.00 now, $10.00 at the door
           wanna go?


8 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

     :big grin: :winking:I’M GOING TO THE sports for charity talent show this yr woot! last yr was fun though i was kinda late to that thing haha   :whew: but guess what?? im doing sparks this yr hope thats fun..i wanted to move up with Nathan :throb: ðŸ™‚ and also cause i wanted to try something new and i will get a whole collection of awana shirts jk jk lol so far i have cubbies and will get sparks hehe well later

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    Oh and just so unoe…we leave here at 10am and i had no idea cause my mum told me we were leaving to del lago at 12 :dry: and i doubt u can sleep in the car haha trust me its going to be full of things cause we’re going to fit so much stuff in  :blink:  :shifty: :whistling: and try to get hw done before retreat bring some BUT do ur best to finish all like do it on friday the whole day through once school ends and no napping haha  :tongue: cause by the time u wake up then we will be going to del lago  haha and i want to join spanish club now…i wish i did   and maldanado’s room is next to jenkins  ðŸ˜¥ ðŸ˜¥ I MISS JENKINS!!! she can teach and i bother to learn stuff but maldanado barely teaches :pinch:


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