final decision: drop 4th pd spanish V– dunno what to do now… most prob study hall
but now i feel as if i’m slacking off…only 2 morning classes =
i need help in bio and comp sci =(

and the UT thing was like a waste of time…its not like i have questions to ask…at least i came home earlier than expected. =]

looking forward to Sept. 5 (labor day–1st holiday!)

PS. i fear parking in the school parking lot…feels like i might crash my mom’s yukon any second (well…i don’t have to park there until like mid-september)


6 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

     :big grin: u can always get me to park ur mum’s car LOL  :w00t: :whistling: haha but im sure u driving and parking it will be alot safer than me going behind the wheel haha 😉 :laugh: :big grin: well ttyl


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