that just summed up my first day of school -_-
all my classes require much reading -_- which i don’t really do…and the only class w/ A LOT of ppl i kno is bio2– my first class of the day =(
and A lunch is weird…too quiet, cuz the ppl i sit w/ either don’t talk much…or dunno…its different from last year…

yeah…i kno this is ironic, considering that i’m like the one asking everyone to join…but should i drop decathlon? its too much reading, if i wanna get good grades, cuz everyone in it this year seems so dedicated and whatnot…last year was more relaxed, i think… my mom says that if i really want to, i can, and just take 1st and 7th off…but i needa get sommer’s recommendation first  [edit] nvm…-_- she wants me to keep decathlon…says it looks better on apps…now she’s telling me to drop spanish… but what would i do w/ no 4th pd??? that doesn’t make sense. is it even allowed?

and heh…tho this kinda defeats the purpose of 1st off -_-
do u think i’ll get more done if i wake up normal time, go to school, and read in school for 1st pd?? like in the library or somewhere… or will i get more done at home? well…considering my study habits…or lack thereof…i dunno…(which is y i’m asking…)

finally…i can’t believe there are so many sophs in my comp sci class… sheesh…they’re taking over =(  

ok i guess that’s enough of the ranting…
time to start reading


7 thoughts on “

  1. kohkoh

    haha yesss!! sophomores are taking over! man i wish i was in 6th period comp sci. that would be awesome, though my class is pretty okay since i know quite a few [i have it 2nd and with lorena! =) ] lucky for me, I DIDN’T GET TORANO! HAHAHA! so now i have jenkins and i’m not used to working so much. i hate it now. –”

  2. XD_its_me

    yeahh. i feel old in comp sci. well at least you’re in there with me. haha it is really ironic that you’re asking if you should drop decathlon since you keeepp on telling me to join. emm yeah it seems to me you’ll get more done if you come to school normal time and read 1st period. hm i think i should do that too…

  3. aussie_ch1ck

    i hate school i wanna leave CHS and move to DHS  :fallen: :dribble: how tempting eh? its just my classes are too crapped up  😡 and yeah i reckon u should come to school earlier well on time  :w00t: well i mean…the normal time hah so u can talk to me haha and i rather have A lunch rather than C lunch where everythings messed up..wait a sec..clements itself is messed up grr…my mum said i should stop the depressing thoughts haha  :pinch:

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah….cantonese….I know that. xDAnyway, yes, Iknow the dates of the Renaissance fair, since a friend of Thomas told me the dates. I’ll tell you what is the “final” date we’ll go…most likely a weekend obviously. : )


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