true or false? (but not “generally”, just ur own thoughts )

1. i am a private person
2. i am a quiet person (uhh in terms of loudness and talkative-ness)
3. i am sarcastic (and unless i don’t speak to u, the answers to this one should all be the same…)
4. i need more summer =(
[edit:added 2 more]
5. i laugh at myself constantly
6. i make others laugh more than myself -_-

sorry, i didn’t have anything else to write about… oh i went to the dps place today, and i only need 5 more cantonese vcds to watch (out of the series of 45, i think) — all since i got back (well  i watched like 2 in LA…)

is there HS Nite tomorrow?

[edit] mom wants me to skip 9/29 – 10/2 for wash U’s  discovery weekend (stuff paid for)
is anyone else going?


6 thoughts on “

  1. Unclejudei

    1. True, but if only you want to share some of your personal information.
    2. True, but if you’re around people that you know, then you might be more talkative but not loud.
    3. Definitely true.
    4.Yes you do. When I see you, you somehow always look a bit tired.
    And what’s HS Nite?

  2. lidaforever

    go to wash u. it’s paid for, and no one cares about absenses first semester cuz there’s no exemptions. trust me. take advantage of this…. cuz in second semester, when u want to visit colleges or jus stay home and skip ( not that u would… ), u can’t cuz if u miss more than 3 days, u have to take the final.
    and the person above my comment doesnt know about HS nite. perhaps u can invite her?

  3. kohkoh

    1. true2. itrue3. true true true4. FALSE! i’m the one who needs more summer! lol!5. um.. dont recall… so iono.6. true that!
    i thought you were only planning on going to UT and not wash u? i would say dont go.. unless you wanna skip school and it would probably be hell to catch up with all that school work. well youre not taking that many classes… well i guess you can go. youre only missing 2 days of school.

  4. aussie_ch1ck

     :big grin: i say theyre all the same and btw i’m an addict to ur vcds!!!! :innocent:  :biggrin: THEYRE SOO GOOD! haha  :hehe: :group: :console: and btw its great to finally have u back in TX where i can talk to u again and all  šŸ™‚  :big grin: and get to laugh at ur stupidity :rolling on the floor: jk jk lol

  5. aussie_ch1ck

    What lunch do u have???  :winking: oh and today i got the worst teachers ever…if not the bad teachers then im stuck with a bunch of preps :dry: :ermm:  :hammer: :boxing: :console: šŸ˜„ school already sucks and its just the first day back aiyah!


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