k…last post for awhile…that is, unless i find a free, internet-connected computer in random airports or wireless in the hotel (uhh…wouldn’t count on it…)

so singapore was pretty fun…after i got used to the time difference and the lack of ac… bought some stuff…the bag was too heavy, so we had to take some stuff out heh… oh well, its not that bad cuz my dad has to come back in october for business-related stuff, so he’s gonna bring back the stuff that we can’t take this time… =)

i was just thinking (oh no! this makes long posts…) bout next summer..its not gonna be my last in singapore, but its gonna be what i see as the last “normal” summer… cuz after that is… college (scary) and of course, all the changes in between… after all, a lot can change in a year or so–for better or worse.


if we have time, i think we’re gonna explore the airport…its one of the best in the world (or so i’m told)…supposedly there’s a movie theater kinda place, a sports gym or something like that, a hotel (?), and tons more stuff… but i’ve never properly explored it… and then we’ll all sleep on the plane (seeing as sis: 3 hrs, dad: >2 hrs, mom: 1 hr, me: 0 hr of sleep) and NW planes (from what i heard) are bad…blah

and i think we’ll have a good time in LA…as long as we don’t have jetlag and sleep in the afternoon just to wake up at midnight -_-

oh yeah…i’ve decided that summer reading books are gonna be crammed into the last 10 days of summer…sigh… its almost time for school again…how depressing… feels like i was always in school (yup…stupid summer school…)

i’m not gonna miss: durians [almost] every other day (they smell really bad)

PS. we never finished the puzzle (this makes it 2 yrs in a row…) grr  the water (pond/lake), grass/field, and mountains are all completed (finally!) but at 2 am, all the sky pieces (1/3 of puzzle–333.33 pieces) looked exactly the same, so we gave up (or my mom went to sleep and i gave up 1/2 hr later)…its now up to my grandma to finish it (and she randomly forces pieces together and says it looks about right…tho the colors don’t match)


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  1. Anonymous

    1. College is scary but equally liberating. I worry about it. But the future takes care of itself, neh?2. It seems the same for my summer reading as well.3. I miss you.4. I’ll give you a call whenever I go to Houston. I might go to the renaissance fair….if you come with me you can meet my boyfriend. : )5. I wish I could go to Singapore….it sounds so great even though you’ve been there (and lived there!) so many times.

  2. ncswim881

    I feel the same way–about college. We have to see each other in the summer before college starts! Have a safe trip when you come back to Texas! ~Natalie~ 🙂

  3. kohkoh

    the hk airport has wireless access! but iono if you were stopping there… i never knew the sg airport had so much stuff… maybe i should explore it too! lol. thanks again for the presents and lunch and the movies! don’t worry, you sure will have fun in LA. how can you not?!

  4. azngrl4life88

    good going with the puzzle! hah! about that summer trip next yr in nat 1’s xanga, have fun planning it, except I don’t wanna come back to singapore next yr. I think I might go to England instead. But I think we should do a senior trip, just within the US, like Disney World in Florida!! I KNOW how much u love roller coasters!!  :thumbsup:

  5. aussie_ch1ck

    how can u noe like the durians?? just dont smell them when ur eating them next time??? :wink:hahah  :fallen:  :shifty: well anyways….have a safe trip bak to TX when u come back which is SOON! YAY!!! :biggrin: :w00t: and plz dont hurt me i was only jking on koh1’s xanga 😥 😥 😥 :crying: :rolling on the floor: :big grin:HAHAH ok ur probably like this by now :stubborn: hahah well ok bye

  6. Anonymous

    Actually, the books I am reading are just random ones I pick up while visiting the library….*shrugs*I need to read this one Dan Brown book…Angels and Demons.


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