so i was freaking out (somewhat) today cuz i thought i lost my Poisonwood Bible … and i worried all through dinner (we ate at some hotel restaurant)

then when i came home i searched everywhere…the table downstairs, the dining area (where i spend most my time playing mahjong on the supposed “dining table”), my dad’s/sis’ room, mom’s/my room… and then my mom’s like oh there it is! (in our room)

…turns out the book was flipped over, and i couldn’t recognize the back cover  (in my defense, they are different colors/shades)

yeah this shows just how much i’ve read so far — none.

(on a side note, yahoo! mahjong is pretty fun…plus u can talk to random asians around the world…and a few foreigners too)


11 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    alright i kick ass cause im first to comment  :laugh:  :big grin: :tongue: anyway….shame shame shame on you! u dont recognise ur own bible? tsk tsk tsk lol jk jk i can alwais recognise mine with Bob on it haha  :tongue:   🙂 anyway tell ur mum those chinese dvd with 13 episodes are good lol

  2. azngrl4life88

    i dun think natalie knows wut ur talking about, cuz she thot it was ur bible, rather than POISONWOOD bible (the book), ne ways, I think steff is calling kim today, or right now, but i dun even think u’re gonna check this ne time soon, so wut’s the pt of telling u. hah! wut do u mean by ur book was multicolored?? mine is like a beige color throughout, no matter if it’s back or front. interesting book copy that u bought. i’ll prolly call u tonite. btw, mai aunt wants to meet with ur mom for lunch possibly.

  3. Anonymous

    ooooh i think they mentioned mahjong in this one book i read called “The Joy Luck Club”…they played that game a lot…but that was an awesome book =)
    have fun reading “Poisonwood Bible” yan wing…hehe…but it’s a good book too i guess…it sort of gives you a huge break from “Crime and Punishment”…

  4. aussie_ch1ck

    oh great i got people reading my comments lol  :ohmy: :huh: :wacko: :unsure: LOL i love ur emoticons oh btw i wasnt joking i seriously didnt noe it was a book LOL  :laugh: yep thats how ditxy i am well cant wait till u get back…but then i can cause that will mean when ur back school will start pretty soon LOL

  5. Anonymous

    i wanna go play badminton tooooo!!!!!!!!! enjoying singapore?/ mmisssinnnng u darrrrling!!!!!!!!!1 mmmmwaaah1


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