i’m sleepy

oh we got a new camera  tho its kinda big (compared to all the new stuff) and slightly heavy (tho not as heavy as old one)… but w/e…its all good

and we’ve got enough lunch/dinner appointments to last until we get back (or something close to that)– i haven’t been to mcdonalds here yet (they have dif stuff)…oh and i just realized that we’re staying for a REALLY short amount of time this year, as compared to the other years  ehh…its all cuz of rice…

singapore’s weather is weird…it randomly starts pouring (lucky we changed plans to thursday, huh?) and 10 minutes later, its kinda clear again…sheesh…

is summer reading that bad??? i just borrowed a couple bks…and i’m pretty busy until sugar land -_- (think i can do it in about 10 days?)


5 thoughts on “

  1. Unclejudei

    Yeah, if you haven’t heard already,  in Sugar Land right now, it’s been raining for two weeks straight. You haven’t started on your summer reading book yet?

  2. azngrl4life88

    yea, i still haven’t told kim about thurs, or y don’t u call her, since i’m busy during the weekdays. or maybe steff. the sporadic rain, it’s rilly weird. All of a sudden it thunders, and then downpours, without becoming darker. strange…. dinner appts. it seems everyone in sing centers everything around FOOD!! mai aunt asked about hs nite, and she was like “wut, do yall just go there for the food?” and i was like “wut food!?!” singaporeans, i tell u, it’s all about food, more food, and even more food!!

  3. cindieee717

    it’s pretty longggggg!!!!!! dude…you need to take at least A WEEK to read C&P…even jennifer used up a week to finished it. i heard the poisonwood bible is wayy easier to read…and take less than 3 days..if u really like the author’s writing style. yeahhhh
    you need to tell me the code of italicized words that has differnet color…!!!
     come back soon..i so missed you =(

  4. aussie_ch1ck

     :ohmy: ur thinking about books and reading even though its summer?! and ur on ur vacation? :ermm: STOP THINKING ABOUT SCHOOL RELATED THINGS!!! lol  :biggrin: like me i hate school so im trying to avoid it as much as possible. hehe well anywhoos when are u leavin singapore to go to L.A???

  5. Anonymous

    ur going to LA as well?????? Well…u could read on the plane!! I’m sure u’ll do it in 10 days – God can create miracles out of the impossible so that the impossible tasks become well….possible! lol…have funnn!!!!!!!!!!!! miss ya sooo much!!!!!!!!!! *sniff*


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