finished HP 6 a couple hours ago
…wasn’t as bad as i thought…the action picked up like at ch.6 or something like that… book 3 is still my fav tho

ooh guess what???  (well there’s like no time for guessing since i’m gonna tell u in the next line or so…)
my grandma won 2 tickets to the rehearsal for singapore’s national day parade so i’m going w/ her to see the stuff!!! its on the 30th, so i’ll be able to see it even tho i’m gonna be back in SL for the actual natl day

and my jet-lag’s getting worse everyday  i was ok the first two days…but now i’m sleeping in the afternoon and wide awake just in time for the silence of midnight (actually…the cars passing by at all times of the day are kinda loud -_-)

o yeah this is from cindy’s old xanga post (like 2 days ago, maybe?); my name:

Y – You cause a lot of trouble. (umm…possibly…)
A -You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.  (i’m always quiet…when not insulting others )
N – You like to work, but you always want a break. ( i like…procrastinating– i guess that’s like a really long break?)
W – You like your privacy. (true )
I – You are always smiling & making others smile. (uhh…me = -_- & ) lol
N – You like to work, but you always want a break. (see above N)
G – You have excellent ways of viewing people. (..i have good eyes?  lol jk…well, i dunno bout this one…sure, y not? it sounds good…what’s it mean tho? i have good taste in ppl or something? dunno…w/e…)


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  1. azngrl4life88

    no, cindy doesn’t kno wut she’s talking about. haha. mai jetlag is getting worse too, kinda. I sleep at like 8:30 and wake up in the wee hours of the morning. then i take naps in the afternoon sporadically. ok, now i kno wut ur talking about about that tiong baru thing. gosh, u confused me, mai dad, and mai aunt. so, u finally finished HP6… interesting. now for Poisonwood Bible. haha. o, btw, about saturday, kim said to meet up on sat and watch a movie and go shopping on orchard road. Maybe u shuld ask ur mom if she wants to be the “native” that guides us around. haha. otherwise we’ll be 5 clueless americans. (5 b/c kim said her bro has to come with us). alright, just call me. wait, i thot kim said she already told u wut was happening??

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    yeah i dont get how ur jetlag can get worse…. :ohmy: :blink: lol oh wells maybe its a yw thing? lol  :biggrin: :laugh: anyways….u kept signing on and off yesterday  :stubborn: oh wells im tired.. lol  :big grin:  :rolling on the floor: well have fun with ur grandma! OooOh btw the hurricanes close to brownsville “jsyk”  :unsure:


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