hey!! miss u guys (well some of u )! having nice summers?

life is busy in singapore…kinda… i’m like tired 24/7 …and my mom made all these plans -_-
…wireless would be easier…but i’m glad i have some internet =) tho its kinda weird, cuz w/ AIM, i can only talk to ppl i start convos w/ (i think) and even then i don’t always get the msgs…
…just got a semi-haircut…and apparently my hair is gonna get straightened the 29th…how long will it last…any bets? (i say a week!) lol

oohh… i love singapore phone cards! they’re not cheap, but the good thing is that the company (forgot name) counts by the second, so if u talk for 1 min 2 sec, it doesn’t automatically round up to 2 min and takes money for that…only for 1 min 2 sec…AND it counts calls to the US as local calls!!!  which is y i’m able to call long-distance
…using cell phone, of course

and church on sunday was…uhhh…well i couldn’t really understand it (all in mandarin) cept for bits and pieces…and especially not the prayers …i think i’m just gonna bring my Bible and follow along next week and ask my mom to kinda summarize…dunno

heh…my mom+ my grandma = hilarity…dunno y tho… oh and today, they were comparing gruesome murder stories …(well yesterday, since its like 2:30 AM now…); summary:
grandma: there was this stupid taxi driver who got angry cuz this motorcyclist repeatedly tried to cut him off –u kno these motorcycle drivers– so he swerved into that guy’s lane, hit him slightly, and caused him to fly off and die instantly…what stupid people they were… oh and there was this china girl who got raped and then chopped to pieces; they arrested the murderer…
mom: oh that’s nothing! there’s this story in America–did u hear about it?– about how this convicted molester killed the mom, her boyfriend, and eldest son of this family and took the two younger children, then killed the boy and kept the girl?
etc…(all in cantonese)

lol  the other day my grandma made such a big deal about knowing kohs relatives and what a coincidence, etc… and she ends it with: oh and their grandfather is really famous in his church…what’s his name? Tang…
oh wait thats the wrong person!!
(she had just told us the family tree of this other person -_-) yeah if u don’t find it funny…u just had to be there…oh and gotta understand cantonese too =P

newayz…i’ll cya in august and meanwhile try to comment/post a whole bunch!

PS. i got HP#6 late cuz i woke up late -_- …and after reading 4 chps, i still felt kinda bored, so i skimmed around… and read who died and how they died…and i haven’t picked up the book ever since… dunno y this is harder to get through…sheesh…

why hasn’t doina answered his email???


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  1. aussie_ch1ck

    oh great u called Cindy and not me  :ohmy: :stubborn: 😡   OoOooh nah this is a great emoticon 😥 hehhe (guilt trip) anyways glad to hear you’re having a great time 🙂 I’m doing ok over here now…even though you guys are gone i managed to talk to and spend more time with the people i rarely spent time with   :big grin: anyway…..I MISS MY VBS KIDS!   they are so cute!!! Elsbeth was like “HI” (and i was too busy talking already to a lady and i didn’t hear her also cause of the noisy background music) and then i hear “HEY! BYE MISS NATALIE!” :console: anyways have fun in singapore!! and i noe u miss me LOL and even if u say u dunt….u’re just in denial! :laugh:

  2. guycrazygenius

    it sounds like Singapore’s treatin’ ya well, so I hope you keep on having fun over there 🙂
    as for Doina, haha, I kind of forgot to email him until yesterday, and I figure if he doesn’t respond by like Wednesday or something, we can just overflow his inbox with email to the point where he can’t not reply.
    haha, that’d be kinda mean though…

    nonetheless, I think I’m off to try and read at least to halfway through HP, if not through the whole thing!

  3. azngrl4life88

    ask ur mom if she is sure that the nearest mrt station is tiong baru. cuz mai aunt and dad said that Gillman Heights is somewhat far from Tiong Baru MRT station. I’ll see if I can meet up with u sometime.

  4. kohkoh

    your grandmother knows our grandfather?! whatttt?! wanna watch fantastic 4 sometime? we were at orchard road just yesterday but it was downpouring.


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